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To find the mineral, miners searched for a small piece of ore called "float" and followed it to the deposit, which is often in the shape of a lens-shaped "pod." They worked small isolated deposits with hand tools. Chromite ore, BYU 4-6017A variant of chromite ore (FeCr2O4).U.S.

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The ores are extracted through mining. Podiform serpentinite-hosted paramagmatic iron oxide-chromite deposits, typified by Savage River, Tasmania iron ore, Coobina chromite deposit.

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"Dried acid mine drainage sludge, or residuals, that result from treating acid mine drainage discharges can be used as a low-cost adsorbent elsewhere to efficiently remove phosphorus from agricultural and municipal wastewaters." Quoted from the USGS press release.

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Indeed, the province considers the chromite and related discoveries in a 5,000-sq-km region now known as the Ring of Fire as "historic." Says former Northern Development, Mines and Forestry Minister Michael Gravelle: "It's home to one of the most promising mineral development opportunities in Ontario in more than a cen…

Ring of Fire mining prospect empowers some of Canada's most downtrodden First Nations

Mine Noront Resources wants to develop a huge chromite mine in the 'Ring of Fire', McFauld's Lake, Ont. Noront Resources wants to develop a huge chromite mine in the 'Ring of Fire', McFauld's Lake, Ont.

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And the recent approval of a chromite mine in Coos County processing 700,000 tons of ore per year sends a signal to the industry that Oregon regulators do not automatically reject every large mine proposal they receive. – Planned strip mine near Coos Bay hits vein of opposition –

The strip mining will reach down to ancient beaches, buried under dirt and laced with chromite and other minerals washed out of the mountains eons ago. Once it opens, the Coos County operation will be Oregon's only commercial mine and its only active strip mine.

Montreal Gazette – Crees sign pact on jobs and future ownership in the Windfall Lake gold mining project

Developer of the Renard diamond mine further north, and on another pact with Goldcorp Inc for the Eléanore gold project, to the northwest. Eagle Hill bought it in 2009 from Noront Resources Ltd, an Ontario miner focused on that province's base metals and chromite deposits.

PHILIPPINES – Murdered mining activist knew he and two others would be killed — Asian Human …

That, Terso Lopido, further says that if we interfere their incoming chromite ore shipment he will enter each of our house and kill us all. Caga-ut because the later tried to stop him on the hauling of their chromite ore from site their stockyard.

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The US consumes about 10 percent of world chromite ore production in various forms of imported materials, such as chromite ore, chromite chemicals, chromium ferroalloys, chromium metal and stainless steel. The National Mining Association is the official voice of US mining.

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