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Arghode, Vaibhav K and Kumar, Arvind and Sundarraj, Suresh and Dutta, Pradip (2008) Computational Modeling of GMAW Process for Joining Dissimilar Aluminum Alloys. Babu, Sivakumar GL and Vasudevan, AK and Haldar, Sumanta (2008) Numerical simulation of fiber-reinforced sand behavior.

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2009 Chromite and PGE in the Logar Ophiolite Complex, Afghanistan. 2009 Analysis of flow processes in fractured chalk under pumped and ambient conditions (UK). Long, David 2009 The impact of scour processes on a smothered reef system in the Irish Sea.

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For example, you can search for mineral or beneficiation process, etc. "Sand and Aggregate from Weathered Rock," Robert M Lewis, MRL Report No 66-9-P. "Potential for Sand-Lime Brick in North Carolina," Immo H Redeker.

Standard Reference Materials for Hexavalent Chromium in Contaminated Soil

Significant environmental remediation efforts are being conducted to address the hazards posed by the long-term terrestrial disposal of hexavalent chromium in the form of chromite ore processing waste.

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Whittleston, RA, Stewart, DI, Mortimer, RJG, Ashley, DJ and Burke, IT (2011) Effect of Microbially Induced Anoxia on Cr(VI) Mobility at a Site Contaminated with Hyperalkaline Residue from Chromite Ore Processing.

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"Chromite ore processing residue (COPR). contaminated soil or hazardous waste.", Journal of ASTM International, ASTM International. "Investigation of barium treatment of chromite ore processing residue (COPR).", Journal of ASTM International, ASTM International.

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Between 1944 and 1991, the mining, processing, and downstream exploitation of base metals established the Balkans as a major European source of copper, lead, zinc and a global producer of chromite.

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This paper reports the results of geochemical sampling and modelling of leachates from a chromite ore processing residue (C. The impact on the environment of using paint-contaminated grit (PCG) as a partial or full replacement for sand in Portland cement mortar and asphalt concrete mixtures was investigated.

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