USGS Volcano Hazards Program – Properties of volcanic ash – volcanic ash hazards and ways to minimize them

These characteristics and corresponding style of eruption determine the chemistry, particle size distribution, and physical and chemical components of volcanic ash.

Aerosol Physical Properties and Processes – (1) NOAA/Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory (PMEL), 7600 Sand Point Way …

The densities were calculated using the analyzed chemical mass during the experiments and the chemical equilibrium model AeRho ( Quinn and Coffman, 1998 ).

Sandia National Laboratories – Acoustic Wave Biosensors Publications and General Publications – Microsensors and Sensor Microsystems (MSTC) – References

"Nano Electrode Arrays for In-situ Identification and Quantification of Chemicals in Water", Sand 2004-6229, December 2004.

Resources for Science – Physical science – Properties of materials – NSDL Science Refreshers – National Science Digital Library –

This short reference article describes, defines and lists several physical properties and physical changes. Review and Practice on Chemical vs Physical Properties and Changes. This page provides a review of chemical and physical properties and changes by asking 15 questions.

Prudent Practices in the Laboratory – Handling and Disposal of Chemicals

This volume updates and combines two National Academy Press bestsellers–Prudent Practices for Handling Hazardous Chemicals in Laboratories and Prudent Practices for Disposal of Chemicals from Laboratories–which have served for more than a decade as leading sources of chemical safety guidelines for the laboratory.

Encyclopedia of Earth – Abiotic factor

This topic embraces not only concentrations of chemicals present in natural water systems, but also to human introduced chemicals. For lichens the interferences with metabolism can be even more sensitive, since most chemical uptake is via air.

Periodic Table of the Elements – Periodic Table of Elements – Los Alamos National Laboratory

Daane, Dennison, and Spedding prepared a much purer from in 1953 from which the chemical and physical properties of the element could be determined. It is commercially recovered principally from monazite sand, which contains about 0.03.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources – Geological Survey LiOur Companyne – DNR

(Mineral and Chemical Composition of LiOur Companyne ) The table also gives the amounts of some important chemical products that can be made from ideally pure liOur Companyne.

WebElements Periodic Table of the Elements – Essential information – Silicon – physical properties

It is found largely as silicon oxides such as sand (silica), quartz, rock crystal, amethyst, agate, flint, jasper and opal. Melting points of the chemical elements displayed on a miniature periodic table. Boiling points of the chemical elements displayed on a miniature periodic table.

Homepage of the Chemical Heritage Foundation – Leonor Michaelis and Maud Leonora Menten – Chemical Heritage Foundation

In 1876 Willy Kühne coined the word enzyme (from the Greek word enzymos, meaning "in yeast"), which Eduard Buchner later applied to both sorts of ferments, since in 1897 he succeeded in extracting a substance from yeast ground with sand that continued to support fermentation.

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