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Scramble for the seabed – The Economist – The latest land-grab is under water and under way

In the past five years China, France, Germany, India, Japan, Russia, South Korea and a consortium of east European countries have all been awarded licences by the International Seabed Authority to explore mining possibilities on the deep-ocean seabed, and a Canadian company, Nautilus Minerals, hopes next year to be the…

Bloomberg.com – Cortec Mining Kenya to Start Niobium Mine for Export by 2016 – Bloomberg

Cortec Mining Kenya Ltd, a Nairobi- based exploration company, will start production at its niobium project in southeastern Kenya by 2016, Managing Director David Anderson said.

Paddling.net – Okefenokee Swamp – GA

The DuPont Company has purchased and leased the land along the whole eastern border of the refuge to mine the titanium ore, which is found in the sands making up Trail Ridge – the old Atlantic Coast line.

Uranium mine – Wikipedia

After mining uranium ores, they are normally processed by grinding the ore materials to a uniform particle size and then treating the ore to extract the uranium by chemical leaching.

Free Trade – Crocodyl

Barrick Gold Corporation, the largest pure gold mining company in the world, is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. Barrick is currently undertaking mining and exploration projects in Papua New Guinea, the United States, Canada, Australia, Peru, Chile, Russia, South Africa, Argentina, and Tanzania.

Rio Tinto – History

The opening of the Mount Tom Price iron ore mine to supply Japanese steel smelters was the start of a new world class iron ore district and the creation of a global business that has made Rio Tinto the second largest iron ore producer in the world.

Dartmouth College – Hidden in Plain Sight – Dartmouth Toxic Metals Superfund Research Program – Nickel

A relatively plentiful element — the 24th most abundant on earth — nickel is found in metal ore deposits throughout the world. The ancients prized these ores as a source of metals with desirable properties, such as strength and flexibility, and used them to make everything from coins to knives, axes and weapons.

Docstoc – THE peoples of the world are using up raw materials at a

It wasn't until the problem of diminish- ing deposits arose that the Company turned to the business of mining iron ore and the production of steel.

Sector Overview Chart Lists

SLW – Silver Wheaton PAAS – Pan American Silver SSRI – Silver Standard Resources HL – Hecla Mining CDE – Coeur d'Alene Mines MVG – MAG Silver. Here is a complete list of the sectors and the companies covered by the Sector Overview Charts. Most are NYSE, NASDAQ or AMEX listed US-American companies.

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