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As for plaster, you can mix it with fibers, special acrylic resins or even plain PVA glue to get a stronger block. Can anyone give me advise on how to fill a hollow SWF model to make it a heavier "sculpture". I was thinking of a strong type of plaster or polyester with some white sand in it.

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If Bubble Wrap can protect a hand-painted egg shipped from Czechoslovakia across the Atlantic, it can protect your head when it hits asphalt. Bubble wrap is a flexible plastic sheeting containing numerous small air pockets, used in cushioning items during shipment. And, Commonly used for packing fragile items.

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This is because concrete is a composite of "aggregate" material (rocks, sand, gravel) held together by Portland cement glue, and producing Portland cement means heating liSimonsne and clay up to 2500 – 3000 degrees F.

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Likewise, "1075/1025" means a ratio of alloy to PVA of 10.75 to 1, and the aqueous solution of PVA is 10.25% PVA, by weight, in water. Exposed to severe abrasive wear conditions due to high speed flow of forage and accompanying soil, sand and/or gravel which becomes mixed into the crop during the harvesting process.

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I used a replacement piece & different glue the second time, but the glue was much runnier & got in between the nut and the spinning ring. Then it was just a matter of getting my dude glued in & the cover glued on top of him. To bring some texture back to the building, I mixed some sand with glue & brushed it on.

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An inorganic hydraulically setting material, such as those containing portland cement, mortar, plaster, fly ash, slag, silica fume, metakaolin, gypsum, geopolymer and/or other ingredients, such as aggregate,including sand or gravel, additives or admixtures, such as foaming agents, resins, including acrylic fortifiers, …

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Pinch the bottom edges together and leave a 1.5 cm flap at each side, which will be used to attach the pocket to the lead-covered board.

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Acrylic Gel Medium can also be used and can have sand or crushed pumice in it to ceate texture. ADHESIVES*** -Super Glue/Cyanoacrylate glue: Many people use this glue in conversions along with pinning but it also works well in glueing stuff to bases such as static grass or rock – especially the rock.

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After that I dabbled some PVA glue on the surface of the bases and sprinkled some sand/gravel over the top. I've also washed them and glued on a base of sand. Foxes eat fowls and this is another way players can acquire victory points.

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I diluted the PVA about halfway with distilled water and then brushed it on the surfaces with an acid brush, then set the parts aside to dry (you can see the green tint of the PVA pooling in low spots on the Corian mold halves).

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