Sri Lanka's powerful president – Business begins to stir – The Economist

The gadgets involved may be computerised gates that control canal water, fancy flow meters or huge machines that sprinkle water sparingly from rotating pipes. In Cambodia $30 should buy you a flush lavatory of sorts.

Democratic Underground – October 20, 2008 – Archives

How about a pinned thread for daily whereabouts of Obama/Biden. You will believe what Palin said about the hate fests. Early voting turnout. Here's a poll that could use a few good respondents. What is that guy's name.

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(2008) Mechatronics and machine vision in practice. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, Germany ISBN 978-3-540-74026-1. You, Yuzhu and Ribbe, Joachim and Karstensen, Johannes and Church, John, eds. (2008) A new view of water masses after WOCE: a special edition for Professor Matthias Tomczak. Elsevier, United Kingdom.

The Guardian – Profiles of the Future by Arthur C Clarke – review – Tim Radford – Science –

He enthused about "ground effect machines" that would carry enormous loads on a cushion of air over land or sea, and lived to buy his own hovercraft (and, seemingly, regret the investment). Passengers might not care for the crushing g-forces during takeoff and landing, and a nauseous 20 minutes in freefall.

The Daily Star – Internet Edition Mon. July 31, 2006

Govt fails to buy scanners for ports in 2 yrs The government fails to buy sophisticated scanners and install those machines at ports in two years to stop smuggling of firearms and explosives into the country.

American Catholic – Catholic News – For CRS Leader, Rebuilding Haiti Is an Unprecedented Challenge – American Catholic

As for the rubble, CRS is providing hand-cranked crushing machines that can pulverize concrete and turn it into reusable foundation material CRS will buy back the material from the families, and the families can sell rebar retrieved from the concrete on the secondary market.

Michael Williams – Master of None – December 2004 Archives

Except, of course, that unless one has a time machine naturalistic evolution is pretty untestable as well. President Bush has written letters of condolence to seven of the affected nations — Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, India, the Maldives and Malaysia.

AuthorsDen – Extra Oil 2009 Recap 50 – 2010 Earthquakes, 2009 Wars (article) by Bonita M Quesinberry, R.C. …

In short, hiding the fact that the injections constitute the "mark of the beast" and anyone not having that injection "will be able to neither buy nor sell". Yet, billions buy into the likes of Jack Van Impe and Hal Lindsey, Pat Robertson and all the others in their mother's house. Sri Lanka 20,000 civilians.

The human cost of Sri Lanka's war – Mining mergers – Prospects for a thaw – The Economist

That crushing debt forced Rio to strike a further deal with Chinalco in February: in return for $19.5 billion the Chinese firm would receive shares in some of Rio's most profitable mines and convertible bonds that would allow it to raise its stake in the parent firm to 18.

Sri Lanka's internally displaced – Military history – Exporting warfare – The Economist

Xerox buys ACS. Drug firms buy vaccine-makers. Napoleon's crushing victories at Austerlitz and Jena influenced the South's Robert E Lee as he aspired to end the war with a climactic Napoleonic battle. A "new normal" for the world economy. The Russia-Georgia war.

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