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For example, in Zambia, the charcoal industry generated about US$30 million in 1998 alone, and in the same year about 60,000 Zambians directly depended on charcoal production for the bulk of their income. There is also research on charcoal briquettes production using wastes such as farm refuse, sawdust and woodchips.

Climatic Research Unit – Tiempo Climate Cyberlibrary, Tiempo – Issue 35, Sugarcane resources in southern Africa

Just as is the case in the sugar mill, bagasse provides the bulk of the energy inputs for the distillery. Not surprisingly, the largest producer by far is South Africa.

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While this time last year the rest of the world was waiting for the forces of renegade General Laurent Nkunda to overrun Goma, de Merode was testing technology designed in South Africa to produce "biomass briquettes".


TMH1, pp 1 – 232, Pretoria, South Africa, 1985.

Wiktionary – Appendix:Dictionary of Mining, Mineral, and Related Terms/B/5 – Wiktionary

The moisture is then dried out by evaporation, and the product remains in the form of hard, very porous balls of ore, which are of great reducibility as compared with sintered ore or briquettes.

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In a major endorsement for investment in women – the bulk of food growers in the developing world – United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said food security could not be achieved without women, and that the world's hungry also needed leaders to prioritise actions.

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Rutile and ilmenite in Australia

Ilmenite is found in the Murray Basin and the Wimmera (covers 600 000 sq km in Victoria, New South Wales and South Australia ranging from Broken Hill to Horsham from Renmark to Bendigo. Rutile is titanium dioxide which is naturally occurring in Australia, USA, India and South Africa.

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This project, started by governmental initiative, is an important development in Africa where the bulk of solar cooking work has been done through non-governmental organizations, many from outside the continent (Kimberly, p 67).

Year Book Australia, 2004 – Australian Bureau of Statistics – 1301.0

All of the increase occurred in the Murray Basin in Victoria (up 34%), New South Wales (up 8%), and South Australia (a thirty-fold increase). All of the increase was in the Murray Basin particularly in South Australia (a ninety-fold increase), Victoria (85%) and New South Wales (19%).

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