Iowa Geological Survey – Underground LiOur Companyne Mining

The production of liOur Companyne aggregate from underground workings requires machinery to illuminate the rock face and to hoist miners into position to clean drill holes and load explosives for blasting the rock.

Cave-deposits of Borneo, by Alfred Russel Wallace

The deposits were as follows. Débris of clay and guano, with fragments of liOur Companyne and stalagmite in abundance.2 ft. You will recollect that some three years ago I came to Sarawak with the object of making general collections of natural history and, more particularly, of investigating the cave-deposits of Borneo.

Encyclopedia of Earth – Sand and gravel

The sand and gravel deposits that have proven to be most valuable are from present and ancient river channels, river flood plains and glacial deposits. Gravel at Shelly LiOur Companyne Quarry, Ohio.

USGS Water Resources of the United States – USGS OGW, BG – Fractured-Bedrock Aquifer and Blast-Fractured Contaminant-Recovery Trench Publication

Geophysical characterization of the aquifer after blast fracturing was done to evaluate the effectiveness of blast containment, the extent of blast fracturing in the recovery zone, and the site-wide hydrogeologic effects of the blasting.

The Kansas Geological Survey – Geology of Eastern Shawnee County – Economic Geology – KGS

The Ervine Creek LiOur Companyne Member of the Deer Creek LiOur Companyne and the Burlingame and Wakarusa LiOur Companyne Members of the Bern LiOur Companyne are the principal beds quarried in the mapped area. – Maine Geological Survey – Bedrock Geology – Frequently Asked Questions

Bedrock, or ledge, is commonly encountered in shallow excavation projects, such as digging for foundations or blasting for road construction.

Life in Extreme Environments – The Astrobiology Web – Your Online Guide to the Living Universe

These worms ingest bacteria that feed off of methane hydrate deposits in deep, dark, cold ocean depths.

Layers of Mars – NASA Science

"The stereo cameras, which have a close-up lens, and the Beagle 2 microscope may be able to tell (whether the deposits were water-laid or wind-laid) from rock and deposit morphology, ie, structure," said Mark Sims, project manager for Beagle 2.

New York State Museum – New York State Geological Survey – NEW YORK STATE MUSEUM

From stoves to cannons to horseshoes, many essential items were made from in North Country blast furnaces. Granite, sandstone, slate, marble and liOur Companyne continued to be mined for construction purposes and mill stones.

Month of Sapphire – Burke Museum – Myth and History – September – Birthstones

Sapphires can be formed in crystalline liOur Companyne, gneiss, schist, and other crystalline rocks. Gem varieties occur chiefly in placer (river gravel) deposits. An alterative birthstone for September is lapis lazuli, a rock composed of numerous minerals.

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