Punalau Black Sand – $ 2.75 – Gallery of Paper and Ephemera – Postcards – Regional – US

Paper and Ephemera Postcards Regional US Indiana. Paper and Ephemera Postcards Regional US Iowa. Paper and Ephemera Postcards Regional US Kansas. Paper and Ephemera Postcards Regional US Kentucky. Paper and Ephemera Postcards Regional US Louisiana.

Mission Blue – Coiba, Panama – Coastal Care

The researchers collected corals, tube worms, black coral, a sea pen, bryozoans, pink stylaster coral, brittle stars, and black solitary cup coral from the ocean floor about 200 meters below the surface. The crew said they felt "as if we were discovering a new planet. our own mysterious ocean.".

Pressure Builds to End Hydraulic Gold Mining

Hydraulic mining debris washing down from the foothill mines amounted to eight times the soil and rock that had to be moved to build the Panama Canal. Called "tailings" or "slickens" what the miners were washing into the mountain rivers was somewhere between sand and gravel, with a few occasional boulders thrown in.

14 Cutter Suction Dredge – eBay

48"x 14" Miners Moss sluice dredge gold mining 3/8. 36"x 14" Miners Moss sluice dredge gold mining 3/8. New 4-Inch Stainless Steel Suction Dredge Mining Nossle. Gold Mining Suction Dredge Electric 3-inch with electro. 1965 Panama Canal (File #2) suction dredge Mindi pumpin.

Online Archive of California – Finding Aid of the Mahlon Dickerson Fairchild Memoirs C005491

Mahlon Dickerson Fairchild's "Pioneer Reminiscences" is a 175 page typed manuscript describing in rich and interesting detail his journey from New York to California via Panama in 1848 and his prospecting, mining and adventures in the mining country of California, Nevada and Arizona from 1848 to 1866.

Best Spring Trips 2013 – National Geographic

From Auckland, New Zealand's largest city, it's about an hour's drive south to the northern reaches of the Waikato region—a 25,000-square-mile mix of rolling farmland, black-sand beaches, volcanic mountains, and glowworm-laden caves.

Sights in Central America – Lonely Planet

OK, so the terms 'eco' and 'mining' don't mix well, but it's worth seeing the photographs and models depicting the old mining practices of the area. Just offshore from the beach is a patchy coral-and-sand sea bottom that offers good snorkeling when the sea is calm and the water clear.

Fuel TV – Lama Brains & Silver Mining – Strangers In Danger

Rooftop and Catfish love snowboarding but they're sitting in a big land of sand. Rooftop and Catfish are in Canada learning to defend themselves against massive Canadian Black Bears. The Strangers In Danger guys make their way down to Panama to experience a bit of the local travel.

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The Amateur Traveler Podcast. Peter Greenberg Worldwide. Wall Street Journal This Weekend. Travel with Rick Steves. Be Our Guest WDW Podcast.

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