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A 1923 silver-lead ore discovery in Queensland, Australia, lead to the formation of Mount Isa Mines and the development of one of the world's great mines. The Black Star open-pit mine is based on reserves of 23.9Mt grading 5.1% zinc, 3.1% lead and 60g/t silver.

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Used among English miners for carbonaceous shale interbedded with thin layers of coal. Removing large pieces of mine waste from run-of-mine coal, usually when passing over a screen, on way to the preparation plant. A person who works at a mine contrary to union orders or during a strike.

Yolo County

The principal resources of Yolo County are agricultural, and the value of farm products amounted to $42,957,714 in 1947. The total mineral production from 1873 to 1947 amounts to only $4,183,828. Quicksilver, produced from the mines in the northwestern corner of the country, was the chief mineral product, followed by m…

coal in sa

The material taken from the tank is scattered over the surface, and interspersed with the gypsumous clay are small quantities, evidently of the bottom of the tank, of blue and black shale, with leave impressions, fossil wood, and lignite.

UCMP – Diane Erwin – Paleobotany field trip to the Sierra Nevada, Day 3

Here participants got a great panoramic view of the Alpha and Omega Diggings hydraulic gold mines along this stretch of the Yuba River (photo 92). During California's Gold Rush the gold-bearing gravel and finer-grained deposits (i.e.

Geology of Uranium Deposits – WNA

Black shale-related uranium mineralisation consists of marine organic-rich shale or coal-rich pyritic shale, containing synsedimentary disseminated uranium adsorbed onto organic material.

Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys – Geologic map of the Tanana A-1 and A-2 quadrangles, central Alaska

KJws Wolverine quartzite unit sandstone and shale-undivided (Early Cretaceous and Late Jurassic: Weber and others, 1992)-Medium gray to light gray, locally black, lichen-covered, quartz-rich sandstone and interbedded shale.

Northern Rivers Geology

According to Wells & O'Brien (1994) the coal measures include sandstones (made from volcanic rock fragments), carbonaceous siltstone, shale, mudstone, coal and clayey siltstones.

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