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Compost buffers the soil, neutralizing both acid & alkaline soils, bringing pH levels to the optimum range for nutrient availability to plants. Compost helps bind clusters of soil particles, called aggregates, which provide good soil structure.

Compost brings varied benefits – Highlands Today

"Particularly in Florida, because we have soil that is very sandy, that's an important benefit because it gets organic matter back into the soil. That means growers use less water and less fertilizer, which is another way of helping the environment.".

Benefits of Using Compost –

It resists compaction in fine-textured soils and increases water-holding capacity and improves soil aggregation in coarse-textured (sandy) soils. The constituents of the humus act as a soil 'glue,' holding soil particles together, making them more resistant to erosion and improving the soil's ability to hold moisture.

Soil Science Society of America Journal – American Society of Agronomy – Article

Current knowledge of how soils change is not well synthesized and existing soil surveys include only limited information on the dynamic nature of soils. Users, scale of use, and probable uses of soil change information for land management and policy development. User Scale of use Probable uses.

Organic Eprints – Items in the subject area Soil – Nutrient turnover

Alves, Sandra Maria Campos. Ambus, Per and Jensen, Erik Steen (2004) Biomass production, symbiotic nitrogen fixation and inorganic N use in dual and tri-component annual intercrops. (2003) Exchangeable potassium and potassium balances in organic crop rotations on a coarse sandy soil.

Restored wasteland benefits women in Sahel – CGIAR

However, the water holding capacity is higher than sandy soil, enabling plants to live on water stored in the heavier soil for long periods ICRISAT's Bioreclamation of Degraded Lands (BDL) system uses half-moon shaped micro-catchments, called demi-lunes, to store run-off water. – Immigrants struggle to cope in Hurricane Sandy's aftermath – Topix

The use of the hard earned money of White conservatives was used by the Obama regime to bribe voters and buy their vote which is against the American constitution.

Federal Highway Administration – Soil Stiffness Gauge for Soil Compaction Control – Vol. 61 – No. 5 – Public Roads

Thousands of soil stiffness measurements have been successfully made at highway embankment sites and pipe backfill sites on sand, clay, and sandy loam soils. Testing was conducted on sand, clay, sandy loam, and mixtures of these soils in an in situ and compacted state.

Using Biochar to Boost Soil Moisture

In one project, he led a laboratory study to see if different biochars could improve the sandy soils found on the Carolina coastal plain, and Pacific Northwest silt loam soils derived from volcanic ash.

Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program – Bob Quinn, Big Sandy, MT – Western Region – Text Version – The New American Farmer, …

Quinn believes his efforts reap an environmental benefit, resulting in more fertile soil with less water and wind erosion, as well as a financial benefit.

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