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Nonetheless, the DOE and its partnerships estimate 156- 184 billion metrics tons of CO2 storage capacity in unmineable coal seams and 919-3,300 billion metric tons of storage capacity in saline aquifer formations in North America.

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Developed specifically for construction, mining and quarry applications, the 772 optimizes demands for lower cost per ton. The larger tires increase the load carrying capacity of the machine, which is needed for the increased target payload of 50 tons (45 tonnes).

Yale Environment 360 – Pulling CO2 from the Air – Promising Idea, Big Price Tag by David Biello – Yale Environment 360

The Institution of Mechanical Engineers estimates that it could take as many as 10 million air-capture devices sucking up one metric ton of CO2 per day to absorb just 3.6 billion tons — about one-tenth of current global emissions.

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The wines are an amazing quality to price ratio (QPR)…all 29 of them. Maryhill Winery sits perched above the mighty Columbia with breathtaking east to west views of the gorge, Mt Hood, and the dramatic river as it cuts through the basalt. Maryhill welcomes over 75,000 people per year.

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With improved routing and detailed reports on idle time, speed performance and driver behavior indicators, RydeSmart can reduce fuel consumption up to 10-15 percent per truck per day, according to Ryder.

GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION OF ELEMENTS – (Together with World Annual Consumption, Production and Pricing Figures) – Global Element Distribution

When we realise we consume 72,000 tons of yellow cake uranium oxide per year and that western countries use 1/4 ton of steel per head of population per year and one sees 290,000 tons of 60% iron ore being hauled out of Mt Tom Price and Mt Newman per day, it gets quite frightening.

The American Institute of Physics – Oral History Transcript — Dr. J. Laurence Kulp

The Sunshine Project as a whole was a great project in that it was the first worldwide environmental problem that was first suspected and then quantified by science. A model was developed to account for the dissemination of Strontium 90 by worldwide fallout.

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