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The majority modulus of elasticity of basalt is in between 2.8g/cm3 and 3.3g/cm3 plus the dense basalt is of substantial compressive strength, which can be as significant as 300MPa. The basalt incorporates a higher rigidity (its Moh's hardness is 5-9), so it has fantastic abrasive resistance.

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Unit weight ( recall that g) "Rock" 26.5 km3 Gravel soil 19 km3 Sandy soil 16 km3 Silty soil 20 km3 Clay soil 18 km3 Water 9.8km3 Concrete 23 km3 Steel 78 km3 Porosity Gravel Sand Silt Clay Sand and gravel, mixed Glacial till Sandstone Limestone Shale Fractured igneous rock Granite Diabase Gabbro…

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The vibration system part for the speaker device according to claim 6, wherein an elastic modulus of the continuous long fiber is large compared to the elastic modulus of the glass fiber.


The structural profiles of the invention are manufactured with materials from plastic residues in which its major component is a polymer of high elastic modulus, such as PET, polyamide, ABS, etc, and high elastic modulus fiber residues such as fiberglass, carbon, boron, basalt, aramid, etc.

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Sometimes, it is determined that a polymeric composite part as originally envisioned or designed will not provide desired levels of strength and/or rigidity. Such methods for providing additional structural support can substantially increase the strength and/or rigidity of the polymeric composite part.

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Basalt is a naturally occurring volcanic glass that has a nominal Young's modulus of 89 GPa.1 In the work described here, an Agilent T150 universal testing machine (UTM) was used to measure the Young's modulus and fracture strength of two types of basalt fi ber: one without binder and one.

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7332215 Resin-molded component and method for manufacturing thereof as well as diaphragm for loudspeaker A resin-molded component such as a loudspeaker diaphragm, in which rigidity is enhanced while light weight and high specific modulus of elasticity are maintained, is formed by applying carbon dioxide gas with a pred…

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Now, whether or not it's down to the basalt (basalt, for goodness sake.) I couldn't say for sure, but this is a comfortable bike. When the designers first got together to draw up the blueprints for this bike, they must have had the word 'rigidity' written on the flip chart in big letters or whatever that is in German.

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