Late 1800's – History of Great Falls, Montana

Streets and avenues were meticulously laid out on north-south and east-west axes. Central Avenue was designated a width of ninety feet, while all other streets and avenues were to be eighty feet across. Alleys 20 feet across bisected blocks, each of which was divided into 14 lots measuring 50 by 150 feet apiece. Such a…

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This initial trickle of settlers was eventually transformed into a torrent by the Gold Rush of the nineteenth century, and later fueled further by the advent of catalyzing technologies such as steam boats and coal powered rail cars.

Country of belated marvels. A historical anthology of technology in Spain

1745 In terms of discoveries, herring curing beats a South American silver mine. 654 Visigothic punishments for the theft of mill machinery. 1387 Ownership and usufruct defined for Castilian mines. 1525 The Fuggers of Augsburg purchase a mining concession.

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Mining Machinery – earliest machinery was used for hauling the ore out to the ground level (carts and sleds), then when steam power was developed, steam engines were first put to use pumping water out of the coal mines in England so the shafts could be dug deeper to access more of the ore body.

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John Pawloski and friends were down in the Mining Museum giving rock crusher demonstrations and lecturing about the history of Connecticut mining.

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For while Spain and Portugal were mining the "low hanging fruit" of fresh gold and silver mines, England did not have this luxury. However, Central and South America had all of these, but also had great, untapped gold and silver mines.

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He invented the water frame, a machine that, with minimal human supervision, could spin many strong cotton threads at once. African kingdom on the Gold Coast that expanded rapidly after 1680. Asante participated in the Atlantic economy, trading gold, slaves, and ivory.

Mechanisation Many of the early machines and machine tools were hand powered, but most changed over to water or steam power by the early 19th century.

Many of the early machines and machine tools were hand powered, but most changed over to water or steam power by the early 19th century.

Bodie Ghost Town Photo Gallery by Dave French

Photo 10 The Bodie Mining District produced close to $100 million in gold and silver. So not only was wood in Bodie critical for firewood for warming its residence, it was also very important for running the gold mining machinery. In 1880 Bodie's Standard Mine was called the largest mine in the world.

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The opening ceremony ended in Machinery Hall with Grant and Dom Pedro turning on the Corliss Steam Engine which powered most of the other machines at the Exposition. Exhibits displayed at Machinery Hall revolved around machines and industry.

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