Major uses are in aluminium alloying (47 per cent), die casting and steel desulfurisation (14%) – …

The company has the capacity to produce up to 120 000 tonnes of deadburned magnesia, 30 000 tonnes of electrofused magnesia and 30 000 tonnes of calcined product (ie. Magnesium oxide is required by BHP to about 8 000 tonnes pa when in full production of 2.5million tonnes.

ClimateTechWiki – Inert anode technology for aluminium smelters – ClimateTechWiki

"Final energy consumption in the global aluminum industry in 2007 was estimated to be 93 Mtoe. The industry is highly electricity-intensive. Primary aluminum smelters used just over 50 Mtoe of electricity in 2007, equivalent to about 4% of global electricity consumption. In total, the aluminum industry emits 0.4 Gt CO2…

Carbon Footprint Ltd – Recycling

Making Aluminium cans from old ones uses one twelfth of the energy to make them from raw materials. For glass bottles, 315kg of CO 2 is saved per tonne of glass recycled after taking into account the transportation and processing.

Rare Earths, Rare Metals, REE, Critical Minerals ProEdgeWire reviewProEdgeWire

"You'd be clinically insane not to consider this investment, which will provide you with at least 20% compound interest per annum". Chinese Giants join Efforts to Push HREE Prices Higher. However, China's main REE producers have tried to keep the HREE offer price high, especially during the past month.

Copper – Wikipedia

The Sudbury matte process converted only half the sulfide to oxide and then used this oxide to remove the rest of the sulfur as oxide. Copper prices 2003–2011 in USD per tonne.

Docstoc – Wood_pulp

Mechanical pulpManufactured grindstones with embedded silicon carbide or aluminum oxide can be used to grind small wood logs called "bolts" to make "stone groundwood" pulp (SGW). Global production of wood pulp in 2006 was 160 million tonnes (175 million tons).

FAO – Alcohol and cotton oil as alternative fuels for internal combustion engines

Modern crops yield 60 tonnes of sugar cane per hector of land. An area of 1km2 of sugar cane crop can yield 6000 tonnes per year in a tropical country like Brazil.

Nickel Metal Mining Like its 1864 – The Market Oracle – Financial Markets Analysis & Forecasting Free Website

They are most often in the range of 20 million tonnes and upwards, with some examples approaching a billion tonnes of material. In September Anglo-American closed its 17,000 tonne per year Loma de Niquel mine (a ferronickel producer in Venezuela) because of disputes over mining concessions.

Munich Personal RePEc Archive – Imposing a unilateral carbon constraint on European energy-intensive industries and its impact on their international … …

For most of the energy- and carbon-intensive products considered here, an allowance price of €20 per tonne of carbon dioxide would require price increases of between 0.1 to 5% to maintain profits, assuming full pass-through of the allowance price along the value chain.

How to bury the problem

Membrane materials under investigation have included perovskite oxides, palladium oxide microtubes, microporous silica, and gamma alumina (aluminium oxide with a spinel structure).

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