New process could extend the service life of busy roads – Journal of Commerce

It required about 10 per cent more binder for the polymer-modified cationic rapid setting emulsion applied at rates varying between 1.6 and 2.0 lt/m2 depending on the size of the aggregate.

Road surface – Wikipedia

It is not a good procedure for roads with structural failures. Dirt roads are roads where traffic runs on the soil native to the location. It has been found that maintenance costs for gravel roads often exceed the maintenance costs for paved or surface treated roads when traffic volumes exceed 200 vehicles per day.

The Hindu – Recycling of roads mooted – Cities – Madurai

The National Rural Roads Development Agency of Union Ministry of Rural Development, in its 'Guidelines for the use of plastic waste in rural roads construction,' states that "plastic roads are found to perform better compared to those constructed with conventional bitumen. Further, it has been found that such roads wer…

Getting Smoothness and Density Just Right – Better Roads – In the Magazine

The recycling process, by WK Construction, a subcontractor from Middleton, Wis. Consisted of milling and rejuvenating the pavement, then laying the material back down in a windrow. Next, Manatts followed up with a Weiler Widener W-30 to place two lifts of asphalt into the trench and widen the road to 28 feet.

Road and highway pavement design, asphalt roadbase, basecourse, wearing surface course, asphalt thin surfacing

I have chosen to use images of cores taken from road pavements that have hot rolled asphalt (HRA) surface course and precoated high polished stone vale (PSV) aggregate chippings because I am still of the opinion that a correctly specified, and laid, HRA and precoat surface course remains the premium surface course avai…

The effect of open access and downloads ('hits') on citation impact – a bibliography of studies

Scintilla aggregates Web sources including blogs, shared bookmarks, as well as PubMed data and citations for that paper.

The University of Texas at Austin – Sustainability at UT – Search Results – Academic Sustainability Catalog – University of Texas at Austin

Climate Governance and the Road Ahead. Appraisal of Available Analytical Tools to Assess Environmental Justice Impacts of Toll Road Projects. Bacteria Levels in Discharges from Road Right-of-Way. Air Pollution Engineering (CE 369L: CE 396L). Air Quality Research Program. – The NSA Is Building the Country's Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say) – Threat Level –

Just off Beef Hollow Road, less than a mile from brethren headquarters, thousands of hard-hatted construction workers in sweat-soaked T-shirts are laying the groundwork for the newcomers' own temple and archive, a massive complex so large that it necessitated expanding the town's boundaries.

Western City Magazine – New Approaches for Urgently Needed Road Maintenance – Western City – February 2009 – Sacramento

The process involves grinding off the existing pavement, treating it with a recycling agent and laying it as new pavement, then sealing it with a thin layer of new asphalt.

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