Blocks 11 have connection features that bind or attach adjacent blocks 11 in a levee 10 to each other to maintain the structural integrity of the temporary levee 10. This construction requires many fewer sandbags 51 for a given levee wall 10 height than does a levee wall comprising only sandbags.

Mid-America Transportation Center

Search this site, all UNL or for a person. 1183 results found. 15-Year Performance Evaluation of SPS-2 Project in Kansas. Author(s): Mustaque Hossain University: Kansas State University. 3D coupled mechanical and hydraulic modeling of a geosynthetic-reinforced deep mixed column-supported embankment.

PatentStorm – Mobile flood wall – US Patent 7214004 Description

Artificial water barrier (e.g. BANK, SHORE, OR BED PROTECTION. Wave or flow dissipation. Floatable dissipator submerged at site. Bed supported subsurface dissipator.

Online Library of Liberty – letter i – On the Overtures of Peace – Select Works …

They are artificial combinations. And, in their proximate efficient cause, the arbitrary productions of the human mind. We are not yet acquainted with the laws which necessarily influence the stability of that kind of work made by that kind of agent.

Drainage in New Orleans – Wikipedia

(A different entity, the Orleans Levee Board, is in charge of supervision of the city's levee and floodwall system.). Artificial levees have been built to keep out rising river and lake waters but have had the negative effect of keeping rainfall in.

Economist – Natural disasters – Counting the cost of calamities – The Economist

Although dykes (called levees in America) protect these estates and central Bangkok, they may raise water levels, and thus the risk of flooding, elsewhere.

Viridian Design

As the planet's levees continue to break, people will run much faster and with considerably more conviction.

National Park Service Cultural Resources Discover History – Jean Lafitte NHP – Historic Resource Study (Chapter 4)

With his placement of troops behind Rodriguez Canal, coupled with the cutting of the levees to his front, General Jackson practically and philosophically embraced centuries-old tenets of defensive warfare, the realm of siegecraft and fortifications theory.

Council on Foreign Relations – Is China a Currency Manipulator – Council on Foreign Relations

Therefore, the United States needs unilateral tariffs to fully offset the artificial price advantages created for Chinese-made goods by currency manipulation. Some say China has pegged its currency to the US dollar to extract unfair trade advantages with US consumers.


Levee 13 in the Quilt talks in depth about the effects of certain lipids on PPAR. DHA, the fat in shellfish and seafood, has direct epigenetic affects on human epigenetics: Think Levee 14 of the Quilt. Humans exploit those advantages more than any other mammal on this planet. Think levee one from the Quilt.

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