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Bob’s Red Mill – St. Gregory Palamas Monastery – Bob's Red Mill Blog

Nestled in the forests of Scott Valley, in northern California, are two traditionalist Greek Orthodox monastic communities – the St Gregory Palamas Monastery, with twelve monks, and the Convent of St Elizabeth, with fourteen nuns – located five miles apart in the small village of Etna.

2012/13 Schedule of California Christmas Bird Counts

Fall River Mills CBC, Northern Waterthrush. Wildlife Conservation Stamp. Fall River Mills, Shasta County: Compilers: Bob & Carol Yutzy. Redlands (Mill Creek), San Bernardino County: Compiler: Gene Cardiff, Phone: 909 875-5358.

Help Animals – Nearly 20 dogs rescued and rehabilitated – The Animal Rescue Site

Jan 6, 2012: Scientists in Northern California believe that a parasitic fly may be to blame for the honey bee die-off that has been observed across the world, The Associated Press reports.

Museums, Plumas County Northern California

The rustic, five-story Mohawk Stamp Mill, which processed raw gold-bearing quartz, is among the buildings nearby, which also include a blacksmith shop, a bunkhouse and a miner's home.

California – AARoads – California 70 – Routing

California 70 is a major state highway that serves Northern California. Operated by Pacific Gas & Electric, the rest area offers restrooms, picnic tables, and visitor exhibits (including the Eby Stamp Mill).

Hart, California – Wikipedia

Other businesses included two general stores, (including the Hart-Gosney), the Ames Book and Cigar Store, a real-estate office, a candy store, two lumberyards, a bakery, eight saloons (including Hart and Hitt, C Aguire, Arlington Club, Honest John, Oro Belle, and Northern Bar), and a house of prostitution.

Historical Museums of California – A History Guide

The buildings include the 1892 Webster Schoolhouse, Markleeville Log Jail, and a restored silver ore stamp mill. The museum is devoted to the history and geology of the Northern Mojave Desert.

California State Historical Landmarks in Nevada County – State Historical Landmarks for Nevada County – CERES

Built in 1862 by David Isaac John Wood with lumber from his mill in Sierra County, this bridge was part of the ia Turnpike Company toll road which served the northern mines and the busy Nevada Comstock Lode. 248 Mill St, Grass Valley USGS Quadrangle Sheet Name: GRASS VALLEY.

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