Pollution Prevention for the Electroplating and Metal Finishing Industry – Section 4 – Case Studies

The reverse osmosis (RO) unit installed in the black dye operation at Danco is a closed-loop that returns the reclaimed rinse water (permeate) to the rinse baths and returns concentrated process chemicals to the process baths.

Google – Patent US4321145 – Ion exchange treatment for removing toxic metals and cyanide values from – Google Patents

Acidic waste flows developed during regeneration steps are, when desired, further treated to recover cyanide values therefrom by heating same within a generally closed tank to drive off a hydrocyanic gas, which is then reacted with caustic within a circulation reactor having an inclined passageway in order to form and …

Recovering gold from electronics, page 3 – Removing gold from electronics, page 3

In a perfect set-up, you "might" recover 6 to 10 troy ounces of gold from a ton of high grade scrap, the costs to recover the gold run will run about $3000 a ton, leaving you a net of about $3000 on the high side, and guys trust me, the set up to effectively process a ton of scrap is not cheap.

Plate Expert for Consulting, Expert Witness

Waste Treatment/Plating/Cleaning Anodizing is a reverse process of electro plating. Expert in Precious Metals Chemistry, Mining, Refining Expert is an inorganic chemist/ extractive metallurgist who has been active in precious metals recovery and refining for 24 years, mainly gold, silver, platinum and palladium.

GlobalSpec – Precious Metal Recovery Water Filter – Products & Suppliers on GlobalSpec

Water Filters are used to filter water used as a life-sustaining beverage, food processing and for use in industrial processes. ACH, Inc is a precious metal refiner recovering Gold, Platinum, Palladium, and Silver from almost any component.

Docstoc – Method And Apparatus For Recovery Of Water And Slurry Abrasives Used For Chemical And Mechanical Planarization

7118445 Semiconductor workpiece processing methods, a method of preparing semiconductor workpiece process fluid, and a method of delivering semiconductor workpiece process fluid to a semiconductor processor Moore, et al 10/10/2006.

The WaterCAMPWS – Publication Abstracts – The Center of Advanced Materials for the Purification of Water with Systems

This parameterization procedure was carried out on two different natural waters, and the model was verified with experimental data obtained for atrazine removal from natural water in a PAC/membrane system.

Technic, Inc. Showroom – Products Finishing

Technic will present its new line of Goldeneye equipment, electroplating chemistry and ancillary process chemistries designed to reduce the use of gold without sacrificing the quality of the resultant finishes in a variety of applications. Technic Process Chemistries with Reduced Gold.

RainDance Water Systems – well water filters – water softeners – iron filters – commercial reverse …

Coffee shops, supermarket produce and food preparation operations, misting and humidification systems, car wash facilities, agriculture including palm trees, tomatoes, avocados, almonds, nut farms, berries, citrus fruits, grapes, green houses, orchards, green houses, produce growers, pharmaceutical, electronic industry…

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These values do not adequately describe the global cementation reaction because gold reduction in low cyanide concentration solutions is greatly influenced by a strong contribution from adsorptive processes.

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