Quids in – Rangers earn £10m from season ticket sales as 33,000 snap up briefs – …

We can, and will, slag our own country off from dawn till dusk till we're blue in the face. Thousands of used cars for sale in Scotland. Feather-light, crispy filo pastry with bite-sized chunks of the cheese on top. Scots designer stunned by huge demand for figure-hugging frocks. Woman and glass of wine.

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Check out this article…the meteorite is described as "black with a shiny crystal-like gleam" "thought it was a lump of coal" Are we sure it is not just a piece of slag or maybe a tektite.

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Performance you can feel with the capability to work in the most demanding applications. Unmatched operator comfort and efficiency in a world class cab. Revolutionary electronics and hydraulics for low-effort operation. Increased productivity with lower owning and operating costs. Net Power – ISO 9249.

Razorblade Cookies

Crockpot Corned Beef 1 corned beef roast (trimmed lean) 3 red potatoes (scrubbed and quartered) 1 Yukon Gold potato (scrubbed and quartered) 1 large carrot (scrubbed and chopped into rough chunks) 1 onion (cleaned and quartered–we used a yellow Vidalia onion, but yellow or white onions would work) 1 bottle Guinness (o…

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