Has Gold Reached Its Summit – The Source – WSJ

While it has now recorded two years of positive growth as world gold prices rose sharply, somewhat clouding the picture slightly, production costs are rising and ore grades are falling—indicating peak gold has likely come and gone.

Greek gold mine savior to some, curse to others – Kitsap Sun

Assuming that production matches Hellas Gold's estimates that it will extract up to 85 percent of the site's reserves, and commodity prices remain at their current levels, Skouires is on track to generate revenues of some $10 billion.

Colorado Goldfields Wins Permit for Its Pride of the West Gold Mill From the State of …

"This event materially transforms the Company. The approval has brought renewed attention to the Company's acquisition plan. Inquiries have already been received from several of the 23 mines within 25 miles of the mill, which have confirmed viable ore concentrations representing an estimated $3 billion worth of metals …

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The cost to extract ore from mine is not insignificant. It's not the lowest price on the market, but it's not so expensive that it would kill us or our customer. They can sell off their ore at a fraction of the cost of legitimate mines around the world.

Gold – Its impact on South Africa

D) use an understanding of gold's geology to detect potential deposits. Economics a) review the types of mining used to extract gold. B) discuss gold ore processing techniques. Social a) examine the external costs of mining on South African society.

Newbery-Vautin chlorination process – Wikipedia

According to the nature of the ore, or the size of the grains of gold, this movement is continued from one to four hours, during which time the gold, from combination with the chlorine gas, has formed a soluble gold chloride, which has all been taken up by the water in the barrel.

Oregon State University – Fool's gold leads to new options for cheap solar energy – News & Research Communications – …

"The beauty of a material such as this is that it is abundant, would not cost much and might be able to produce high-efficiency solar cells," Keszler said.

Digging for gold in Oregon

With gold prices nearing $1,800 per ounce, a Canadian mining company has commenced drilling on Grassy Mountain, a remote swath of treeless land in Malheur County where mining companies have been trying — and failing — to extract gold for decades.

The Cost of Gold – Treasure of Yanacocha – Tangled Strands in Fight Over Peru Gold Mine – NYTimes.com

It underscored the environmental and social costs of the technologies needed to extract the ever-more-valuable ore from modern mines. Newmont withdrew its drilling equipment from Quilish – and the promised reserves from its books.

Media Centre – Morningstar.com.au

It's always great to be here. Lower bad debts obviously helped good cost control. In terms of Macquarie, it's a little disappointing that the guidance came in at a 10 per cent increase year-over-year for their FY13 number.

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