Gold Ore Benefication Grading Machine

Mineral raw materials will come to sorting operation after crushing and screening. Useful minerals and gangue will be separated in this process, or a variety of useful minerals will be separated from each other. This is the main part of mineral processing. Sorting operations are re-elected, flotation, electrostatic separation, selection and chemical selection and so on. The theoretical basis of flotation process are the same. That is to say, due to their own hydrophobic (pro gas or oil) or obtained after the role of flotation agent, the mineral particle will aggregate at the liquid – gas or water – oil interface.The most widely used method is froth flotation.

Gold Ore Grading and Sorting – Mineral Benefication

Through crushing and grinding, a variety of minerals will be dissociated into single particles. They will meet the flotation process requirements. Add all sorts of flotation reagents to the grinding slurry, stir reconcile and let them work, so as to expand the mineral grains flotability difference between each other. Then send them to flotation tank, stirring inflation. Mineral particles in pulp will contact and collide with air bubbles , then good float selectively mineral particles will be carried by the bubbles by adhering to them, they will rise to mineralized foam layer consisting by gas, liquid, solid three-phase. By mechanical scraping or overflow from slurry surface, then dehydration, drying into concentrates products. Some minerals particles that can not float ,such as gangue, will be discharged from the bottom of the tank as tailings. Sometimes unwanted mineral particles will leak out and useful minerals remain in the pulp, this is known as reverse flotation. Such as flotation quartz from iron ore.

Gold Mineral Dressing Manufacturer Company

Natural Gold Storage Form include Bornite, Cuprite, Chalcopyrite, Malachite, Tennantite, Tetrahedrite, Chalcocite. SBM provide Gold ore benefication machines and complete machinery for Gold mining. The efficient Gold dressing machine is a kind of cleaning equipment of international advanced level for slag pellets and mineral cleaning, developed on the basis of introducing foreign outstanding technology of the same kind of products. Equipped with mining machines and quarry plants in Gold industry. As a mining company, SBM provides information for investors and on the deep mining activities, surface mining, renewable energy, and the land and property as well as the complete benefication equipments and mining operation advices.

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