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Boston University – AGNI Online – Letter from Home by E. C. Osondu

You really have no excuse for not sending money, because Western Union now has an office on our street. She attended the Catholic Women's Teacher's College and comes from a lineage of women who bear strong sons.

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Of course, women have been disregarding this for years, but today is a perfect excuse to buy a gift for your favorite guy. A "Christmas Letter 2011": Love and Laughter.

Remarks by the President to small business owners community lenders and members of Congress – The …

And he said it best himself in his letter, and I'm quoting from the letter here: "Small business people are incredibly resilient and resourceful given half a chance," he said.

The Letters of Sylvia Beach

Excuse such a long letter Marion, and write me one day soon wont you?Much love fromSylvia *** To Marianne Moore July 12, 1926 Miss Marianne MooreEditor, The Dial152 West 13th Street,New York.

Documenting the American South – An Account of Solomon Northup in the New York Times 20 January 1853

We have obtained from Washington the subjoined statement of the circumstances attending the seizure and recovery of the negro man SOLOMON NORTHROP, whose case has excited so high a degree of interest.

'C+' in Chemistry Leads To Lawsuit Against School District – Albany, CA Patch

Bethards, now a rising senior at Berkeley High, has dreamed for years of attending a prestigious pre-med program after high school and, according to the complaint, Carlock knew this.

The Feynman Files – The professor's invitation past the Iron Curtain – Muckrock

However, Feynman's desire to attend was matched with reservation — he thanked the Soviet Ambassador but wrote that he was "unable to give a definite answer," using an expiring Visa as an excuse to delay his response. The letter would precipitate the FBI's most lengthy investigative files on Feynman.

Meddle, Metal, and Mettle • Damn Interesting

In a letter to one of his other sons he wrote, "I have been ready to believe capable of almost any folly, stupidity, or rascality. The only possible excuse I can render for him is that he is insane.". He approached the attending guard at the Bastille jail and requested a tour of the facilities.

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A copy of the letter itself is here: Open Letter to Pediatricians Attention: Pediatricians United States of America Re: Legal and Ethical. In a letter to California senator Barbara Boxer the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) director Thomas Frieden responded to questions about fluoride and infants.

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