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What It Means to Be a Woman with a Gun. Women's Health Leads Election Debate. Living Well in Tiny Spaces. Saudi Arabia Sends Women to Olympics for First Time. Owning a Gun Is Part of What It Means to Be an American.

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Somewhere above, a pristine meadow cracked in the shape of a lightning bolt, slicing a slab nearly 200 feet across and 3 feet deep.

Drew Curtis' FARK.com – Archives for 2009-09-13

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Buffalo Beast – The BEAST – Read by drones everywhere – Breaking – men want to fuck teenage

29) Gloria Allred Charges: The reason women like Katy Perry impugn feminism, Allred's militant approach to gender equality comes at the expense of gender equality by granting women permanent victimhood and special legal status. Battered woman neck tattoo.

The Kids in the Hall – Wikipedia

In contrast to Monty Python, where the members often donned drag to portray older women, but usually utilized women such as Carol Cleveland and Connie Booth to play characters who were young and attractive, all the Kids regularly played both old and young women.

Gawker – I Used to Love Her, But I Had to Flee Her – On Leaving New York

Millions of men, women, and children around the globe treasure the things LA produces while simultaneously calling it "the one North American city I had seen that seemed transplanted directly from the third world," as one Salon reader put it.

Yelp.com – Back Booth – Orlando, FL – Downtown

And I have recently discovered CRUSH on Monday nights INTENSE – solid DJs literally just crushing the beats on the turntables.

The Burden of Being Myron Rolle – OTL – ESPN

Young men and women mill around the lush grass of the quad, in the shadow of the sundial and the well, and at night, they drink beer and smoke in the cemetery out back.

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