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US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is leased by the US and is part of Cuba. The peak of Mauna Kea (4,207 m above sea level) on the island of Hawaii rises about 10,200 m above the Pacific Ocean floor.

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Like the hard fact that new mining claims are incredibly tough to come by. If you're still a doubter, watch this revealing look at the rarely held gold lease auction that determines the fate of everyone who hopes to dredge.

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1728- Vitus Bering sails through the Bering Strait. 1725- Peter the Great sends Vitus Bering to explore the North Pacific. 1741- Alexei Chirikof, with Bering expedition, sights land on July 15. 1743- Concentrated hunting of sea otter by Russia begins. 1861- Gold discovered on Stikine River near Telegraph Creek.

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These currently leased/claimed areas have been under lease or claim for over 10 years, and people not allowed on those areas have looked to either side for more good mining areas offshore, but no one has gone back.

Obama donates 7 Alaskan/American Islands to Putin for Zero Dollars – Pakalert Press

In the Bering Sea at the far west end of the Aleutian chain are Copper Island, Sea Lion Rock and Sea Otter Rock. The islands have billions of barrels of OIL and Obama could let oil companies lease parts of the islands and start drilling for OIL.

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12,034 km border countries: Canada 8,893 km (including 2,477 km with Alaska), Mexico 3,141 km note: US Naval Base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba is leased by the US and is part of Cuba. The base boundary is 28 km. 12 nm contiguous zone: 24 nm exclusive economic zone: 200 nm continental shelf: not specified.

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1728 Vitus Bering sails through Bering Strait. The "Jurisdictional Act of June, 1935" allows the Tlingit and Haida Indians to pursue land claims in US Court of Claims. First Alaska Native land claims suit, filed by Tlingit and Haida people, introduced in US Court Claims.

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Gold eventually began to run out, but another kind of gold was discovered – liquid gold. He was Vitus Bering. Russia nearly wiped out the entire species of sea otter in their desire for the soft and waterproof fur.

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