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Drag conveyors (drag chain conveyors ) pull or drag material through a tube Search by Specification Learn More. Belt conveyors are the most popular type of product. For example, parameters for vacuum conveyors include hole-pattern and diameter, belt type, vacuum source and number of ports.

Metal Conveyor Belt Slides Down Incline Crushing Supervisor – NIOSH FACE Program – Iowa Case Report …

He was knocked down and dragged through a narrow space between the belt and the conveyor frame, causing extensive crush injuries to his truck and extremities. It appeared that the welding was done with excessive voltage burning through the metal and leaving only little solid welding to hold the piece.

Television Tropes & Idioms – Scooby-Doo

A batch of episodes of "The Scooby-Doo Show" made in 1978 for ABC had been tagged as an unofficial third season in their original broadcasts (being shown with the original opening/closing sequences), but all subsequent airings feature the proper "Scooby-Doo Show" opening/closing, thus removing the connection.

Track ballast – Wikipedia

Removing and cleaning the ballast from the shoulder is often sufficient, if shoulder ballast is removed to the correct depth. Alternatively, the ballast underneath the track can be removed with an undercutter, which does not require removing or lifting the track.

RepRap – Blog – Continuous belt production

And lots of people have subsequently had ideas of reprapping on a continuous conveyor belt running over a flat surface. A simple flag on the belt passing through an opto-switch would allow the system to be zeroed. This comment has been removed by the author.

Google – Patent US3987307 – Particulate material powered prime mover – Google Patents

US1254320 Jan 18, 1917 Jan 22, 1918 AUTOMATIC BELT-TENSIONING MEANS TOR DRIVE MECHANISM. US3209899 May 8, 1963 Oct 5, 1965 CONVEYOR. US5970712 Oct 28, 1997 Oct 26, 1999 Combined material conveyor and electrical power generating system.

Astec Mobile Screens – Glossary of Terms – KPI-JCI

A belt-conveyor that feeds aggregate or RAP from its bin onto another conveyor. It also has a belt conveyor that loads the removed material into a truck that moves along the road ahead of the machine.

Congratulations You Struck Sand – Businessweek

Traditionally, Syncrude and Suncor made piles of oil sands, picked them up with a so-called bucketwheel reclaimer, and placed them on long conveyor belts for transport to the processing plant. The sand is trucked to a crusher and then travels over conveyor belts. But the reclaimers and belts often broke down.

Internet FAQ Archives – Ammunition and explosive-charge making patent application class

A mobile apparatus for treatment and disposal of fireworks which includes a conveyor belt, chopper, chute, burn chamber and a heavy-gauge screen cover, the conveyor belt delivering fireworks to be disposed of to the chopper where the fireworks are shredded, the shredded fireworks being fed through the chute into a burn…

PatentStorm – Green peanut harvester – US Patent 4687064 Description

Each picking element includes a flat belt disposed over a pair of belt drums, one of said drums being driven to move the top surface of the belt transverse to the plant conveyor belt and just below the conveyor belt.

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