The Kinetic Grand Championship

The race began in 1969 in the tiny Victorian town of Ferndale when local artist Hobart Brown altered his son's tricycle and challenged another artist friend, Jack Mays, to a race.

HGTV – Madonna Stainless Steel Kinetic Sculpture – Home & Garden Television – Archive

How to make life-sized sculptures out of vintage metal cans – in this this project, a cheerleader dress sculpture. Elon Ebanks makes art by using techniques like tig welding and heat tempering to create detail and color on steel. Belt sand the edges with 50-grit sandpaper until it's nice and smooth ( figure B ).

MAKE – Best of Maker Faire Bay Area Beats – Bikes, Robots, Outdoors, and Arts

Applied Kinetic Arts I'm a big fan of the exhibits that AKA puts up at Maker Faire every year (this was their sixth year), and how the artists in this collective help and inform one another, even though their works are so varied. Best of Maker Faire Bay Area Beats: Bikes, Robots, Outdoors, and Arts.

Art – The Improvised Life – Part 10

The stool was beautiful and comfortable and made by an ancient process of sand casting: Lamb goes to the beach and makes a mould in the wet sand, then pours molten pewter (heated on a camping stove) into it, waits for it to set, then digs out the strangely elegant stool with its roughly granulated legs.

All Content In More Home Improvement – Bob Vila

3 Steps to a Successful Garage Makeover If a messy garage is driving you crazy, here's how to steer things back on course. Pumping Concrete to Make a Basement Floor A slab is poured in the basement and work is underway to add two new dormers to the roof.

Automotive Care, Home Improvement, Tools, DIY Tips – Popular Mechanics

10 Wild Art Cars From Burning Man Pages: 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 In late August, 50,000 like-minded folks gather for a week in the Black Rock Desert in northern Nevada for the annual Burning Man festival. Cars are not allowed as transport, yet art cars called Mutant Vehicles are encouraged and even funded by a Bur.

Art Path – Singapore Hotel Accommodations – Marina Bay Sands

Devised the artist himself, they were painstakingly executed by a group of LeWitt-trained artists and four local artists through the Singapore Tyler Print Institute. Marina Bay Sand's Best Rate Guarantee. Marina Bay Sands Art Path. Make a Reservation.

Biorama – we make money not art

The artist set up a space expedition on a sand island in the Siberian river Ob and observed the effect of the total eclipse of the Sun (1st August, 2008) on the behaviour of the moon geese.

KINETIC CARNIVAL – The Coney Island Blog

Last week the hurricane washed sand inland past the boardwalk, and the sand dunes, some created by winds, others by releif workers for the cleanup, got a coating of Athena's snow.

July 31, 2010 – Oakland, CA – About – Sand By The Ton

Big Art Studios was created to cultivate a secure and versatile facility for artists and green businesses, an incubator for those who are working hard to make their ideas and dreams come true and a community who is collectively bringing new technology and inspirations to life.

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