Gold Ore Processing

gold-mining-equipmentGold ore processing factory is widely used in gold ore breakage and grinding process, adjust and shattered into 10mm gold ore grain is small to 1mm. Due to the gold ore hardness between 60 and 105, BINQ design gold medal of ore and crushing equipment, grinding machine, can handle gold ore. Our gold ore processing factory mainly includes two series: broken, grinding machine, because the two versions are our customers welcome. BINQ gold ore crusher can produce use centimeters, mm size of gold products between. While our gold ore grinding machine can be processed into nanoscale powder gold mines.

Gold mining process

Gold mining process including gold ore will be shipped to mills, which ore teleport directly to the ore first steps in dressing, shattered car pick hopper, grinding and gold extraction operation, or, will the ore is dumped into inventory BINQ, front-end loaders, by any interview need for delivery hopper. In heshbon and all the store's Tamil may visit the ore BINQ, expounds the ChaoNa loader and before dressing process, into the first step to transport ore hopper, and then four categories, from ore classify, including screening the stock to stage large crushing circuit.

All the departments more fine granularity explaination, in order to liberate circuit, through the circuit from your Lord gold recovery to extract the ryugyong rock. All access and transportation roads maintenance road flat machine equipment supplies through long-distance truck and toward on solid and reliable channel's Tamil and containing gold ore delivered positive mine ideal use. Road maintenance project is expected to every routine in, to prevent tires damage and expensive downtime long-distance truck and service vehicles.

Service Information

Moreover, in order to help you solve various fault quickly and efficiently to oneself, we also provide in-depth preventative maintenance and basic troubleshooting technical service training.

BINQ just stood behind equipment. We stand at your side.

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