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A fish of a different color This news brief, from February 2006, describes how a mutated zebrafish gene may help us understand human evolution and the genes underlying human skin color.

Leadership University – Homology – A Concept in Crisis. Origins & Design 18:2. Wells, Jonathan

The first kind of similarity involves different structures which perform the same function, and in 1843 anatomist Richard Owen called this "analogy". In contrast, the second kind of similarity involves similar structures which perform different functions, and Owen called this "homology".

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"The important thing about the forelimbs of birds, bats, dogs, pterosaurs, pigs, moles, anteaters, dolphins, and so forth is that their differences overwhelm their similarities, but their similarities are deeper and are the result of common inheritance. In contrast, their similarities are in many ways far less than the…

Biological Psychology – Sixth Edition – Glossary

Similarity of function, although the structures of interest may look different. Each of the three cellular layers of the adrenal cortex produces different hormones. An impairment in language understanding and/or production that is caused by brain injury. An endocrine gland atop the kidney.

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