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His chosen bug was Mycoplasma genitalium, a creature that lives in genital tracts. Genitalium still had a slow-growth problem, so the team swapped bugs, lighting on its cousin, Mycoplasma mycoides. The plaintext part of the watermark brands the bug as Dr Venter's own, encoding its serial number as JCVI-syn1.0.

Pulp Legislation – Page 1 – New York – Village Voice – News

"They want to be crushed by a woman in high heels, so they project themselves into the animal as a way of doing it over and over," she says. In the realm of fetishes, as some may know, one in particular deals with fantasies that revolve around giant women, or being crushed by giant women.

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Traveling for work has the added bonus of scaring off women who would otherwise try to tie him down. A little pretend kissing won't hurt anyone-especially when there's no chance he'll fall for a woman with deep roots in a town he's not planning to call home.

Minion with an F in Evil – Television Tropes & Idioms

Suzie even makes her do a Heel Face Turn, as she not only defends Suzie from Makuramon, but becomes her partner. They each insist on giving the Man in Black a fair chance to defend himself before doing a complete Heel Face Turn. He has a Heel Face Turn when someone informs him that Bison is the bad guy.

9th May 2007 Archive • The Register

Innovative software is leading the high tech industry's recovery, according to Sand Hill Group, the San Francisco venture consultancy. Cisco's fiscal third-quarter profit jumped 34 per cent on the back of increased demand for high bandwidth equipment from telephone and cable television companies.

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Even this year's addition of events using "Off-Road Vehicles"–a move that clearly exists to draw in the lucrative sponsorships and advertising revenue from the manufacturers of said ORVs–didn't raise my hackles that high: legitimately speaking, those ecology-crushing, four-wheeled death-traps have become a part of ou…

Off the Wire – Strange and interesting news – Everett and Snohomish County, Washington –

While other big brand retailers try to hone their social- media skills, the intimate-apparel chain is creating excitement with a network TV holiday fashion show featuring young women strutting down a runway in Swarovski crystal-decorated lingerie and six-inch heels. Ohio woman carries 'idiot' sign for reckless driving.

Steve Sailer – iSteve – 12/18/05 – 12/25/05

We give them low-interest loans while students burden themselves with crushing debt at high interest in overcrowded classes that make it almost impossible to graduate in four years.

Took a little ride – Page 3 – ADVrider

The forecast calls for mild and unseasonably high temperatures (unheard of to date on this ride) this is going to be one of the good days. Out of the canyons onto the high plains, surrounded by ragged drops down sprawling cuts into the earth.

Nefarious Muse

A proper smile this time, a soul-crushing smile. I pass cup from lip to lip, a fever that dances itself into the brain where bugs burrow and flies swarm. The bugs are swarming now behind your eyes trying to gobble up as much as they can.

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