– Milk tank for storage

The stuff is actually junk insulation if it contacts surfaces directly, only having an R-value of about 1.0 at best, but supposedly a higher value if spaced from a surface. And it worked so well that he didn't see a need to "reinvent the wheel" by making specially purposed bottling tanks himself right.

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Gooi, Bee Sung and Koh, Hock Lye and Md Ismail, Ahmad Izani (2005) Modeling Air pollutin Due to Open Burning Of Scrap Tires In Rhinehart USA.

Mark Rosenfelder’s Metaverse – English-Verdurian Dictionary

Transitivity is marked (inconsistently, in this edition) when it differs from the English: "rihan ( vt )" indicates that rihan is transitive though 'look' is not;"cipan ( vi )" indicates that cipan is intransitive though 'boil' can be used transitively.

Internet FAQ Archives – 39th week of 2009 patent applcation highlights part 9

An electrolytic process for managing urban sewage wherein sewage, before entering the treatment unit, is mixed with oxidants produced in an electrolytic mode and the mixture enters the treatment unit wherein, while containing oxidants, it passes successively through a) a sand sedimentation tank, b) fine self-cleansed g…

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