Google – Patent US4276015 – Method and apparatus for molding clay pigeons and the like – Google Patents

An injection molding machine includes complementary mold members which cooperate to present a mold cavity in the shape of a clay pigeon or other articles. Ltd Molding apparatus for molding a clay pigeon. US2773284 Mar 13, 1953 Dec 11, 1956 DIE CONSTRUCTION FOR PRESSURE INJECTION MOLDING MACHINES.

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Saw and polishing machine for the preparation of thin sections in support of mineralogical and petrological research. Scalable compact macromodels for general microwave and RF structures. Scalable computer architecture. 01-JAN-06 – 31-DEC-09.

Docstoc – Valve Gated Nozzle Having A Valve Pin With A Sensor

In an injection molding apparatus, the molding conditions of each of a plurality of mold cavities must be as close as possible to predetermined ideal molding conditions in order to ensure that high quality molded parts are produced. 4276015 Method and apparatus for molding clay pigeons and the like Rogers 6/1/1981.

Google – Patent US6332767 – Apparatus for injection molding multi-layer articles – Google Patents

US3973892 Dec 18, 1972 Aug 10, 1976 Husky Injection Molding Systems Injection-molding machine with transverse feed. Ltd Multilayer parison extrusion molding machine for blow molding. US2770011 Dec 15, 1951 Nov 13, 1956 DIE CONSTRUCTION FOR IRLJECTION-TYPE MOLDING MACHINES.

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