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Other tests include the determination of the ash softening temperature, the ash fusion temperature (the temperature at which the ash forms clinkers or slag), the free swelling index (a guide to a coal's coking characteristics), the Gray King test (which determines the suitability of coal for making coke), and the Hardg…

Yale University – YDS Notes from the Quad

Loring Sabin Ensign Lecture, Oct 16 On Oct 16, Judith Plaskow, professor in the Religious Studies Department at Manhattan College, will deliver the annual Loring Sabin Ensign Lecture on the subject Wrestling with God and Evil. The lecture will trace the development of Plaskow's understanding of the relationship between…

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The Digital Sanctuary Excellent new media blog by a Foursquare pastor and media expert 'exploring the unfolding relationship between technology and the Church.

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Wallace Hardgrove, budget and finance manager, El Paso County Auditor's Office. Charles Staniszewski, client relationship manager for ADP.

Docstoc – Coal Quality – A new Paradime

A new Paradime. Coal Quality and SLag. Coal in Pakistan. Coal Potential in Pakistan. PARADIME Parametrizable Domain-Adaptive Information and Message.

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