Africa  gold stones

Africa gold stones mining

Africa gold stones mining

Mozambique has a huge mineral potential that is largely untapped. Gold has been produced from the Greenstone belt and the alluvial deposits. Tantalum-niobium, other rare metals and semi-precious stones are abundant. Deposits of heavy mineral sands and a wide range of industrial minerals comprise a few of the mineral wealth in Mozambique that are under development. The government’s effort to increase the geological knowledge base through exploration for a wide range of minerals that was curtailed for a number of years in the 1980s due to the civil war in the country is now being aggressively carried out and is assisting speedy geological data collection and dissemination. This effort has significantly enabled the mineral sector development in the country and as a result many mining projects have been initiated.

The earth resources of Kenya include a wide range of minerals, both metallic and industrial, as well as varieties of gemstones. The mineralisation of gold copper, silver, kyanite, corundum, graphite, wollastonite, marble, asbestos, flourspar, magnesite, kaoline, variety of gemstones, gypsum, clay, diatomite, and rare-earth elements are the few to mention. There are several exploration and mining activities underway in the country including exploration for gold and heavy mineral sand.

Ethiopia is endowed with abundant mineral resources associated with the Precambrian, Paleozoic-Mesozoic sedimentary rocks, the Cenozoic volcanic and sedimentary rocks. Currently metallic minerals such as gold, columbo-tantalite and alluvial platinum and a variety of industrial minerals such as kaolin, opal, dolomite, quartz, feldspar, soda ash, dimension stones and cement mineral raw materials are produced. Rich deposits of potash, manganese and rock salt are abundant in the Tertiary/Quaternary sediments. Natural gas, geothermal energy and coal deposits have been explored at feasibility levels and are awaiting development.

For more details the reader is invited to the articles presented in this Newsletter on the geology and mineral potential of Ethiopia, Kenya and Mozambique.

Mineral Processing

A training course on mineral processing techniques was organised jointly by the Mineral Processing and Chemical and Environmental Sections from 13 February to 24 March 2006 for three participants from Uganda.

A one week training course on sampling of gold and other precious metals, which was conducted by an expert from the British Geological Survey (BGS), was attended by four participants from the SEAMIC member States and one participant from Malawi. The course was organized at SEAMIC from 3 to 7 April 200

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