Bob Vila – Ranch Expansion – Combining Two Double-Hung Windows – Bob Vila

On-site in Wayland, the plumber shows how to "sweat" a joint in copper plumbing. Two recycled windows are used to create one large window. Sweating a Joint in Copper Plumbing. Bob takes a look at the construction flow chart with contractors Bob Ryley and Larry Landers.

Internet FAQ Archives – ROTARY ELECTRIC MOTOR – Patent application

The rotary electric motor according to claim 5, wherein the air-core coil is formed of a copper wire that is wound in a fairly neat manner,wherein the copper wire crosses each other at a first outer surface corresponding to an end face of an opposite-to-load side coil end of the stator coil, andwherein outer surfaces o…

Kits for Kids – ECN Magazine – Articles

"make-key.") A video on the Sparkfun site shows how to connect six bananas to a PC to create a piano. The deluxe kit includes extra jumper wires and alligator clips as well as copper-foil tape so experimenters can create their own touch controls. I have used this kit with PIC16F690 MCUs and it works well.

UC Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program – Materials Compliance — ASI

Material Used in Organic Farming (PDF 31.8k) Overview of the substances used by organic farmers for fertility, pest control, and animal health with a summary of compliance issues. National List Materials Review Process A flowchart that shows how materials are petitioned, reviewed, and added to the National List.

Swiftech APOGEE GTZ –

The barbs used on the GTZ are standard 1/4″ BSPP with pre-installed "O" rings just like the type used on the earlier GTX model, so there's no worry about getting a leak proof seal between the barbs and water block top housing. Mechanical design of the copper base plate is optimized for Intel® socket LGA 775 and 771.

Refinery – Wikipedia

Metal refineries refining metals such as alumina, copper, gold, lead, nickel, silver, uranium, zinc, magnesium and cobalt. It shows various unit processes converting raw natural gas into gas pipelined to end users.

Free Electronics resouces – schematics, tutorials, datasheets, radios, tesla coils, FPGA's, microprocessors – Freebyte's Guide to

Homemade Coherer A coherer is a type of radio-signal detector which was used around 1900. This article shows how to create your own coherer using just metal filings and a few pieces of metal. Sphere Lots of interesting used electronics parts and test equipment.

Your Brain Tingles Have A Made-Up Name – The Something Awful Forums – ASMR

Holy poo poo, I always though I was a weirdo when I started feeling all soothed inside while watching electronics tutorials that show how to build things, or getting my hair massaged at the haircut's. And shows me how to fold towels. Put a copper nail in the fusebox first to make sure the fuse dont blow.

YA Books and More – December 2011

Since the San Jose' mine was a copper mine, Aronson also goes into detail not only about the history of copper and its uses, but also incorporates a pictures of the small town of Copiapo, where the miners and their families lived.

Stock Psychology

Knowing the physics in mining, I saw something with hugely significance: While the new technology can extract nickel and copper at near efficiency at low cost, it also means that the chemically stable PGM contents, platinum and palladium, will be extremely difficult to extract.

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