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General Electric expands mining equipment holdings with $0.7 billion acquisition. The latest academic report on Fly in Fly out mining camps in Australia suggests that some are hotbeds of crime and drug and/or alcohol abuse and like concentration camps – but are they really.

Mining in Australia – Wikipedia

A large proportion of mines worldwide make use of Australian-developed computer software, such as specialised Geological Database and Resource Estimation Modelling software by Micromine and geology/mine planning software by Runge Ltd and Maptek Pty Ltd Mines in Australia are leading the market globally deploying mine p…

Finance (Olga) – Profile – IP Australia

Funnily enough I used to work across the road, and have to confess to not knowing what IP Australia was involved with, until a friend of mine moved to IP Australia and began to sing its praises.

Alcoa in Australia – About Alcoa – Bauxite Mining – Environmental Management – Noise Management

Noise Management Noise from Alcoa's mining operations is recognised as a potential impact on neighbours living close to the mines and is therefore a priority area of environmental management. At Alcoa's mines, predictive computer modelling and monitoring have assessed the potential noise impacts of mobile equipment.

Order placed for OriginOil's algae extraction system in Australia –

Australia-based mining company MBD Energy Ltd has placed a firm order for a large-scale algae extraction system from California-based OriginOil Inc to be installed at its coal power station in Tarong, Australia.

Mining Equipment Monitor tracks ground engaging tools., IDENTEC SOLUTIONS, Inc

Encore Automation Pty Ltd is based in Perth, Australia, delivering industrial RFID and Gas Detection systems to Mining and Oil & Gas industries. Identec Solutions Bites into New Mining Solution. Mining Equipment Monitor tracks ground engaging tools.

Across Australia by train – Wikitravel

The Ghan is named after the Afghan camel trains that used to service the Outback, construction on the original Ghan from Adelaide started in 1878, with Oodnadatta reached in 1891 and, after a thirty-year break, Alice Springs in 1926. Don't expect luxury: the trains used are refurbished 1970s-vintage American models.

WHO hails Australia tobacco packaging ban

Mine workers and their families suffer the toll of shift work. The shifts worked by mining and energy employees are detrimental to sleep patterns, mental health and family life, the preliminary findings of an Australian study have shown.

First Woo Audio GES in Australia – Impressions

Thus, active playing of the equipment is needed even after "passive" equipment warm-up times of several hours. I tried some Apuresound (Zip ) RCA-2-RCA interconnects (thanks to Juzmister) in place of the Stax OFC ones I'd used for years.

Argyle Diamond Mine, Kimberly – Mining Technology

The money will be used to ramp-up the underground block cave, which will extend the mine's life to 2019. Contract mining is used for the alluvial ores. Macmahon Holding, is the primary mining contractor at Argyle Diamond mining site.

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