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Glory days, made again in America –

According to the US Geological Survey (USGS) the value of raw, nonfuel minerals mined in the United States was $74 billion in 2011, up from $66 billion in 2010, domestic raw materials and domestically recycled materials were used to process and produce mineral materials worth $633 billion. – Coal Mine Script

Since most of these mines were established in remote, rugged areas far from stores and banks it was difficult to keep enough currency on hand to pay its miners.

the dirty lies of clean coal

Our hybrid import, slathered with activism stickers, manned by young environmentalists makes no attempts at being discreet in these situations, yet aside from a few cross looks, the worst we got was me overhearing a couple miners comment on how easy it is to say "that" when its not your pay check or what have you.

Mining, mergers down from year ago – E&Y

Coal deals amounted to $14.8 billion or about 20 per cent of the overall value of the deals, while copper deals amounted to $12.5 billion.

Illinois Times – The return of King Coal – Farmers in central Illinois fight a new threat — a …

Besides Colt Coal, which is paying $7.2 million for the mineral rights and promises additional royalties to the county that could add up to another $3 million per year, state government is on the side of mining companies that receive millions of dollars in public subsidies to encourage the sort of mining the farmers op…

Boghead coal – Learn everything there is to know about Boghead coal at

James Young experimented with oil discovered seeping in a coal mine as a source of lubricating oil and illuminating fuel. Bathgate in 1851, using oil extracted from locally-mined Torbanite, shale, and bituminous coal.

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