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The process or an instance of washing or being washed by water or other liquid. A liquid used for washing. Process or an instance of washing or being washed by water. The flood washed away houses. ( mining ) To separate valuable material (such as gold) from worthless material by the action of flowing water.

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White Wash Cage Air Plant. Ferns and other feathery plant foliage create the stunning effect or illusion of a vegetated and pillowy textured wall. If you are not quite ready to commit to the idea of a plant that is not a tree, never fear — bonsai is here.

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100 Plant/Plants per Month. Stone Crushing Plant. Twin tub washing machinery XPB68-2001S3D. Air Cooler Fan–YS-03. Asphalt Melting Equipment.

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The selection "Laurentii", known as "Gold-Banded" or "Gold-Striped", can grow up to 5' tall. Chlorophytum comosum (Spider Plant): This plant has variegated green and white "fountain-like" foliage, ideal for a hanging basket.

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Patchouli: traditionally used in incense, this richly fragrant plant has become fashionable among perfumers once again. Best known as one of the Three Kings' gifts in the Bible, this natural resin comes from a species of thorny plants. In ancient history it has been worth more than gold.

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Life by this time had barely progressed beyond single-celled algae, so the land was completely devoid of plants. The early gold-seekers in the Okanogan Highlands could not have imagined that the land they prospected was once the broken edge of an ancient giant continent.

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A variety of tools were used to wash these deposits and extract the fine gold particles. The county seat, called Licklog at the time, in 1833 became known as Dahlonega, for the Cherokee word tahlonega, meaning golden. The term refers to gold that has washed down from the hillsides and collected along mountain streams.

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Energy-saving washing machines and paint on a chimney breast. The hunt for an energy-efficient washing machine, plus how to strip a chimney breast of unwanted paint: our experts solve readers' domestic dilemmas. Looking to make your washing more efficient.

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Larger commercial placer mining operations employ screening plants, or trommels, to remove the larger alluvial materials such as boulders and gravel, before concentrating the remainder in a sluice box or jig plant.

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And as you wash out rough material in the hopper of any of these outfits, keep alert for chunks of quartz containing free gold. "My very first step," explains Dr Schertz, is to select a desirable kind of leaf or plant. The kinds of plants most used in my tests, are blue-grass, spinach, cow-peas, or stinging nettles.

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