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Accordingly, the supply of gold contracted by 2% year-on-year. All components of gold supply declined, yielding a total of 1,188.3 tonnes. Demand of 97.6 tonnes, worth US$5.2bn, accounted for 9% of overall gold demand during the period. Data on the supply and demand for gold are compiled by Thomson Reuters GFMS.

Gold liquidity worsening in Vietnam as demand outpaces supply

To cool down the local surging gold demand, the SBV allowed the Saigon Jewelry Company (SJC), who is entrusted by the SBV as the sole gold bar processor in Vietnam, to process 350,000 taels of Gold, equivalent to 13 tons, to fill in the local shortage of Gold supply.

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IPads Replace Gold Bullion as Corporate Diwali Gifts. South African Army On "High Alert" as Platinum, Gold Mining Strikes Spread. Gold Investing "the Main Beneficiary" of QE3. Buy Gold "Outside the US" Says Marc Faber. Gold Market Analysis & Gold Investment Research.

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Embed this image on your site. Prices are indications only. Call Goldline for most current spot prices. Home » The World's Gold: Reserves, Supply and Demand.

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While the price of gold dropped around 10% in the global market this year, the price of gold kept moving higher in India due to the country's weak local currency. People estimated each other's status by the kind of gold ornaments they wore.

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Investment demand is in part facilitated by exchange traded funds (ETFs) such as the SPDR Gold Shares, which has bought a massive 353 tons of gold since the beginning of 2009. CFR seeks to foster civil and informed discussion of foreign policy issues.

Gold The Supply and Demand

Gold The Supply and Demand, Stocks: GLD,GDX, release date:Nov 17, 2011.

Key themes in gold supply and demand in 2011 – Reuters

On a net basis, however, the official sector was a major buyer of gold. Central banks are estimated to have bought 430 tonnes of gold last year, the highest level since 1964. Scrap supply softened, meanwhile, despite record high prices.

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Supply and Demand. Dedicated to restoring Constitutional government to the United States of America. Content on the Daily Paul is the opinion of the original poster, not necessarily of the Daily Paul, its owner, moderators or Ron Paul. Too many topics for the front page.

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In the past two parts of this infographic series, we saw its rich history and also how mining and supply works. About 10% of gold is used in technology, where it is used in devices ranging from computers, cell phones, space shuttles, and defense technology.

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