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A rock can be defined as a solid substance that occurs naturally because of the effects of three basic geological processes: magma solidification. Sedimentation of weathered rock debris. As a result of these processes, three main types of rock occur.

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The exceptions are 195Au, which decays by electron capture, and 196Au, which decays most often by electron capture (93%) with a minor β- decay path (7%).

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The metal occurs as nuggets or grains in rocks, in veins and in alluvial deposits. Pure gold has a bright yellow color and luster traditionally considered attractive, which it maintains without rusting in air or water.

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Don't worry about losing gold while doing this, because the same action which has brought the lighter rocks to the surface will have worked the gold deeper down toward the bottom of the pan.

Cape Nome Alaska, Bering Sea and Beach sand gold prospecting

Claim jumping on the creeks and general lawlessness, compounded by an absence of civil authority, created a situation which was finally relieved in June of 1899 by the discovery of gold in the beach gravels near Nome.


"The North Bullion Fault Zone (NBFZ) hosts a very large, mineralized breccia body that we discovered in late 2010 and explored through 2011. We believe this breccia was mineralized by multiple high-grade gold feeder zones which are blind targets within the more dispersed lower-grade portions of the breccias. Over the l…

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Mineralization at LMS consists of stratiform siliceous breccias in high-grade metamorphic rocks with exceptionally high-grade stringer veins developed in the hanging wall and of the sequence.

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If gold is found, the rocks are studied to determine the quality of the gold: how many grams of gold there are per ton of rock. For example, refractory ore (which contains carbon) is heated to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit to burn off carbon and sulfides before going to the leaching circuit.

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Other rocks contain many minerals, and the specific minerals in a rock can vary widely. Igneous rock forms when magma (molten rock) cools and solidifies. Sedimentary rock forms when layers of sand and pebbles are compressed enough to form rock.

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Lihir Island in Papua New Guinea is home to the Ladolam gold deposit, which contains about 1,600 metric tons of gold. The fluids at Ladolam contain dissolved gold, which stays in solution at the high pressures deep within the extinct volcano, but precipitates out as the fluids rise toward the surface and decompress.

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