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The Masquerade – Television Tropes & Idioms – Vampire – Bloodlines

After their sire gets offed for Embracing a mortal without the permission of LaCroix, newly instated Camarilla Prince of Los Angeles, the PC finds themselves trying to prove their worth by becoming LaCroix's errand boy. Assuming you were hoping to kill the Prince in something other than a cut scene.

The New International Encyclopædia/Elm – Wikisource, the free online library

The wood, which is compact and durable, especially in water, is used for a great variety of purposes by wheelwrights, machine-makers, ship and boat builders, etc.

The McGunnigle Perspective

Presently, I use this mainly as a stealthy creep machine, lurking on people that I usually loathe but can't delete because I need to know that I am better than they are, and when I say better I always mean thinner.

Knotted Paths

Somewhere in the morass of planning policies for Melbourne, there is a plan for transit cities, that will provide connecting hubs for transport.

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