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Banded iron-formations (BIFs) are chemically precipitated sedimentary rocks in which Fe-rich bands or laminae alternate with Fe-poor ones. Text TSIKOS-MSc-TR95-63.pdf 6Mb.

Astrobiology Magazine – Rock Bands Spin an Oxygen Record

Banded iron formation. To help sort out the geologic plotline, Papineau is studying banded iron formations (BIFs), sedimentary rocks that formed at the bottom of ancient seas. The iron minerals within BIFs make up the world's largest source of iron ore.

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Large deposits of iron are found in banded iron formations. These geological formations are a type of rock consisting of repeated thin layers of iron oxides, either magnetite (Fe3O4) or hematite (Fe2O3), alternating with bands of iron-poor shale and chert.

Origin of life critique

To everyone's surprise they reported the spiral algal fossil Grypania within banded iron formations (BIFs) in Michigan, USA. Algae require oxygen, so their existence at this juncture shows banded iron formations do not necessarily indicate global anoxic conditions.

Origin of Life – A. G. Cairns-Smith

Precambrian solution photochemistry, inverse segregation, and banded iron formations, A. Genetic takeover – and the mineral origins of life, A. G Cairns-Smith, Origins of Life, 6, 265-7, 1975. Mineral theories of the origin of life and an iron sulfide example, A. J Russell, 1992 Origins Life Evol.

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Wells doesn't even mention the evidence that banded iron formations (incompletely oxidized iron indicative of ultralow-oxygen conditions) are very common prior to 2.3 bya and very rare afterwards.

Alaska Volcano Observatory – Novarupta – Bibliography

Origins of large-volume, compositionally zoned volcanic eruptions: new constraints from U-series isotopes and numerical thermal modeling for the 1912 Katmai-Novarupta eruption, 2010 Turner, Simon, Sandiford, Mike, Reagan, Mark, Hawkesworth, Chris, and Hildreth, Wes, 2010, Origins of large-volume, compositionally zoned …

BioMedCentral – BMC Evolutionary Biology – Full text – A genomic timescale for the origin of eukaryotes

Although the existence of banded iron formations prior to 3 Ga sometimes has been used as evidence for the early evolution of oxygenic photosynthesis, oxygen-independent mechanisms of iron deposition are known. Working model of gene relationships used in this study.

UTas ePrints – Setting of the Palaeoproterozoic Koongie Park Formation and carbonate-associated base metal mineralisation, at …

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