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Cameco operates four uranium mines located in Canada and the United States and has two mines under development in Canada and Kazakhstan. However, the large uranium miners are seeking out mines in Africa that could help meet the rising demand for uranium in India.

Business Week – METALS & MINING INDUSTRY – ALCOA INC (AA:New York) – Stock Quote & Company Profile – Businessweek

The Alumina segment engages in mining of bauxite, which is then refined into alumina. The company holds interests in bauxite mining activities. Process Controls System Engineer. Current Stock Chart for ALCOA INC (AA). The Primary Metals segment produces aluminum.

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Of a solid product, grinding, mining and molding are common processes that can cause crystalline silica dust to become airborne, creating health hazards for workers. The triangular rotor design effectively captures feed material to ensure continuous material flow. Welding Process / Form: Flux Cored Wire.

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Geologic formations may contain large quantities of oil or gas, but have a poor flow rate due to low permeability, or from damage or clogging of the formation during drilling. The fracking process occurs after a well has been drilled and steel pipe (casing) has been inserted in the well bore.

Bunker Hill Company. Research and Development Division. Records, 1922-1982

It grew from a strictly mining enterprise to a large industrial complex capable of carrying out every step in the production process from removing ore from the ground to fabricating finished metal products.

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A couple moves made by Ivanhoe Mines in order to boost financing forced Rio to direct even more cash flow to support its minority stake in the company, just to maintain its interest at around 40.5% Rio Tinto had to buy millions of new shares from the company after it held a rights offering January 27, 2011, earlier in …

Business Week – METALS & MINING INDUSTRY – CABO DRILLING CORP (CBE:Venture) – Stock Quote & Company Profile – Businessweek

There are many mineral deposits and major occurrences distributed throughout the country, and copper, along with lead, zinc and bauxite are the main metallic ores mined in Serbia, with the majority of the copper being produced in the Timoc (Bor) District in northeastern Serbia, and lead and zinc being mined in the Kopa…

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The company's Discrete Automation and Motion division manufactures and sells motors, generators, variable speed drives, programmable logic controllers, rectifiers, excitation systems, robotics, and related services for a range of applications in factory automation, process industries, and utilities.

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