Like all Ciros products, Vibrating Equipment is built to perform, and built to last.

A complete line of Vibrating Feeders and Screens let you select the ideal equipment for your application. In many cases, Ciros Vibrating Equipment can be customized to suit particular needs.

Vibrating screen is screening machine utilized in crushing and testing plant of fossil fuel, gold ore, granite, sand, precious metal, manganese ore, marbled, ballast in The far east, europe, Malaysia, south the african continent.

Vibrating Feeders a VGF’s

Vibrating Feeders a VGF

Vibrating Feeders a VGF

Ciros Vibrating Feeders are built to withstand the toughest jobs in a quarry, recycling, mine or sand and gravel operation. Yet their compact design makes them ideal for portable plants. They are available in a range of capacities from 25 TPH to more than 2,000 TPH, with or without grizzly bar sections.

Not even large surge loads of material can slow down these rugged machines. Vibrating Grizzly Feeders are fabricated with rigid side plate members and structural steel cross supports. Heavy grizzly bars scalp fines from the feed and heavy duty coil springs absorb tremendous impact loads and isolate vibration from the support structure for high performance feeding.

Additional Features

  • Rigid, cast shafts have threaded holes for the addition of positive or negative weights to suit your application.
  • Wide series spherical roller bearings mean a greater load carrying capacity and increased bearing life.
  • Heavy duty body consists of an abrasion-resistant steel lined pan supported on large structural members.
  • Coil springs located outboard on the discharge end of the feeder body to ensure stability and room for the bypass chute.
  • Flow through oil lubricated vibrating unit eliminates the need for internal oil seals, and improves bearing lubrication.


Ciros manufactures Vibrating Screens for virtually any application.

Vibrating Screens are used to separate materials into various sizes – for further processing, or for end use, depending on your need. They can screen dry material or, with the addition of water spray pipes, handle wet or dry material and thoroughly rinse it while screening.

These screens can be supplied on portable plants equipped with our Silver Bullet? Series cone crusher or impact crushers. Ciros portable plants come in a wide range of models and sizes to meet your material specifications.

Vihro-King Screens


Vihro-King Screens

You couldn’t ask for more versatility than Ciros’s hardworking Vibro-King heavy duty screens. Whether you need to process dry or wet sand, gravel, crushed stone, coal, ore, or any number of industrial materials, this top-of-the-line vibrating screen can handle it with remarkable efficiency. Patented counterweights make the Vibro-King a smooth operator at all times – including start ups and shut downs. The live frame is assembled with huck fasteners to provide the best shake-proof assembly.

Vibro-King can handle feeds as large as 18″ and can separate over screen support frames with openings of 1/8″ to 6″. They can also be fitted with grizzly bars on the top deck.

Vibro-King was designed to handle big, tough loads with ease. For example, the side plates are constructed of a single piece of steel, formed to an angle at the top and bottom for structural integrity. Further, a proper fit of the vibrating unit into the screen body is assured.

Available options:

  • Non-clog ball deck
  • Spray pipes for washing applications
  • Stationary dust enclosures
  • Safety guards
  • Ciros QuickLoc screen cloth tensioners
  • Heavy duty top tray
  • Heated decks to prevent binding and allow screening of damp materials
  • Side plate extensions

Additional features:

  • Heavily constructed support frames utilizing structural shapes for maximum strength.
  • Adjustable counterweights in vibrating unit to assure proper screen stroke for each application.
  • Heavy eccentric shaft enhances the screen stroke.
  • A minimum of two coil springs per corner isolate vibration from the support structure.
  • Narrow width screens have single crown support frames. Wider screens have double crowned support frames with center hold down clamps.
  • Built-in feed box.
  • Discharge lips.

Standard Screen Surfaces and Tensioning

Urethane or Rubber media: Flat deck frames are built to accommodate a variety of synthetic screening media, such as urethane or rubber, from a variety of manufacturers. The hold down method will vary depending on the type of media and specified manufacturer (consult factory for details).

Steel Punch Plate media: Flat decks frames are built to accommodate steel Punch Plate up to 1″ thick. Flat head socket cap screws are the typical hold down method.

Heavy Wire Cloth: Flat deck frames built to accommodate Heavy wire cloth for wire sizes .500″ and larger. Side clamps with socket head cap screws and U-bolts for center hold down are typical.

Standard Wire Cloth: Crowned deck frames are built to accept typical wire cloth with hooked edges and wire sizes smaller than .500″. Double crown decks are used on 7 ft. and 8 ft. wide screens. Both side tension and end tension decks are available.

In any screening application, a key element to achieving the optimum balance between screening efficiency and low operating costs is the selection of proper screening media. Ciros engineers have created versatile deck designs that fit with almost any media, giving you the full array of options. Experienced application specialists are available to assist you in selecting the optimum choice.

Horizontal Screens

Ciros Horizontal Screens offer versatility in applications where there is limited headroom, such as portable plants and where there may be a minimum amount of water carry over from rinsing applications.

Constructed of heavy steel side plates with no welding to insure structural integrity, Ciros Horizontal Screens can handle a wide variety of applications. Support frames are ruggedly constructed and attached to the live frame with huck fasteners, all to assure extra rigidity and uniform vibration.

Available in double or triple deck configurations in sizes from 5′ x 14′ to 8′ x 20′. Screens can be either outfitted with a portable chassis or designed for stationary applications.


  • 3 shaft power unit
  • Elliptical screening motion.
  • High performance finish screening or scalping.
  • Extremely accurate sizing.
  • Low profile design for restricted headroom conditions.
  • Flexible application. Ideal for portable plants. Can be furnished for stationary operations as well.
  • Spray pipes for washing applications.

Additional features:

  • Woven wire cloth is supported on rubber nosing on the screening surface support bars, assuring maximum screen life
  • Heavy steel discharge lip is incorporated to simplify the material transfer between screen and product chute.
  • The shaft enclosure is a single weldment, which is machined, allowing for tighter assembly tolerances.
  • Live frame is huck fastened, providing the best shake-proof assembly.
  • Oil lubricated bearings.
  • Stroke amplitude and angle are both adjustable.
  • Variable pitch motor sheave allows speed changes.

Specmaker Screens

Value. Specmaker medium duty inclined screens have redefined the meaning of the word. No other Ciros screens have been given more thorough performance testing -both in the field and in our plant. And they’ve come through with flying colors: long lasting, reliable performance, extremely low maintenance – and all at a very competitive price.

The versatile Specmaker is ideal for secondary scalping and final sizing of material for a variety of applications, in load capacities of 300 to 800 TPH. It accepts 8″ feed to produce specification material from 3″ all the way down to 1/8″. And it’s available in seven sizes from 4’to 8’wide, and 10′ to 20′ long.

Additional features:

  • Cartridge type bearing housing accommodates 33 Series bearings, and permits easy bearing removal.
  • Bolt on counterweights permit screen stroke to be varied with out removing the V-belt sheaves or V-belts.
  • Built-in feed box.
  • Discharge lips.


  • Ciros Quicklok?screen cloth tensioners.
  • Spray pipes for washing applications.
  • Heated decks to prevent blinding and allow screening of damp materials.
  • Safety guarding.
  • Stationary dust enclosures.
  • Oil lubrication.
  • Dyna-Deck?(most models).
  • Side plate extensions.

Ualu-King Screens

Ciros Valu-King screens are your solution to low-cost, effective screening in a tough little package. Able to be equipped with a road-portable chassis or set up for stationary screening, the Ciros Valu-King is both a versatile and economical workhorse.

Ideal for finish sizing and medium size scalping of up to 5 inch top size material. The Valu-King can be used with wire cloth and other tensionable surfaces. It is suitable for use in recycled asphalt applications, and can be outfitted with a number of options to fit whatever your application may be.

Additional features:

  • 3 inch maximum openings.
  • Feed rates of 50 to 500 TPH.
  • Oil lubricated bearings.
  • Adjustable counter weights.
  • Includes base frame and motor mount.


  • QuickLoc screen cloth tensioners
  • Spray piping for wet screening
  • Feed box
  • Discharge lips
  • Rosta motor base

Vibrating Feeder Capacities

Chart Assumptions:

  • Travel speed: 40 FPM @ 0°; 65 FPM @ 5°; 120 FPM @ 10°
  • 12″ bed depth at feeder discharge or start of grizzly bars
  • Material = 100 lbs. per cubic foot
  • Variable flowability of material
  • Vibrating feeder capacities based on maximum feeder speed
  • Multiply capacity by 0.8 for rip rap or clean large stone; 0.7 – 0.9 for feeding primary crusher

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