Crushing the rocks is often achieved in two or three stages. The secondary and tertiary crushing machines resemble the machines used during primary crushing. They consist of vertical cone crushers or horizontal cylinder crushers. The former type is the most widespread.

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Cone Crushers

Cone crushers operate on the same principle as gyratory crushers. This allows a gradual reduction of the area between the two cones. The rotating cone or mantle is inclined, thus providing a combination of impact loads and compression loads. By comparison with the gyratory crusher, the outer bowl is inverted, and the mantle rotates at much higher speeds.

There are two types of cone crushers:

  • The standard type (for secondary crushing)
  • The short head type (for tertiary crushing)

The two types of cone crushers have different bowl shapes. The standard has a wider feed and is used for larger stones. The short head has a more shallow feed and tighter space surrounding the mantle. The short head is therefore used for finer crushing.

Because of the continuous wear of the surfaces, adjustment of the cone crusher is essential. By measuring power on a continuous basis, a feedback loop readjusts the mantle.

Screens on the output of the crusher facilitate the separation of coarse and fine stones. In a closed circuit, the coarser stones are returned to the crusher. The fine stones could clog the crusher and must be removed.

The diameter of cone crushers may be as low as 0.91 m (36 in) for a capacity of 50–80 tph, or as high 2.13 m (84 in) for a capacity of 500–1100 tph. The finer the output, the smaller is the tonnage.

Malaysia Minerals manufactures complete portable cone/screen plants that are relocated from one area of the mine to another.

Roll Crushers

Roll crushers consist of two counterrotating cylinders. The gap between the cylinders is adjusted by threaded bolts. Roll crushers can use springs to hold the cylinders in place. Each cylinder is then driven by its own belt drive.

Roll crushers are used for less abrasive stones than cone crushers. They are most effective on soft and friable stones, or when a close-sized product is required.

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