Smaller Crusher Needed for a Given Feed Opening

Secondary gyratory crushers malaysia

Secondary gyratory crushers malaysia

A Ciros 3-0 Gyratory Crusher will accept the same size spherical feed as larger cone crushers of other makes and reduce it to the same product size. Examples of the Ciros machines feed opening advantages are:

In many secondary applications feed opening rather than throughput is the key factor in crusher selection. Ciros machines are frequently selected because they provide a satisfactory solution at a considerably lower price than their larger equivalents.

JAQUES (With max. feed opening) (mm) CONVENTIONAL CONE CRUSHER (Coarse Bowl) (mm)
2-4 711 180 75
3-0 914 250 140
4-0 1219 360 190
5-6 1676 440 290

Feed Opening Remains Constant with Manganese Wear

Because of the long, steeply tapered crushing chamber only slight changes in feed opening occur as the concave wears.

In plants supplied with conventional cone crusher secondaries, the primary crusher setting may need to be reduced as the secondary manganese liners wear and the feed opening reduces.

A Proven Design with Progressive Improvements

Because of these unique features, Ciros have supplied more than 250 machines of this type throughout Australia and South-East Asia.

The machines are well proven through many years operation and handling a great variety of materials including limestone, basalt, dacite, hornfels, granite, toscanite, grey wacke, river gravels, iron ore, manganese ore, etc.

We have progressively refined the design to incorporate ail of the worthwhile developments in crusher design including:

  • tramp relief
  • remote adjustment
  • integral main shaft on 3-0 machine
  • improved dust sealing
  • improved countershaft assembly
  • improved lubrication system
  • epoxy backing to mantle and concave
  • on hydraulic model only

Mantle and Concaves

Ciros non-chokable curved mantle and concaves enable operators lo secure large tonnages of uniform sized product, They are cast in chrome manganese steel. The mantle is secured in position with a wear resistant self lightening head nut. while the concave and segments are positioned in to the top shell. Wear components are backed with ‘Ciros Bond’, a two-part epoxy material.

Various feed opening concave and segment sets are available to suit individual crushing requirements,These offer the following benefits:

No Choking or Packing

The mantle is bell-shaped and the concave is convexed in the vertical section al a point slightly below the central horizontal plane of the crushing chamber. Thus, the controlling zone, is moved upward to a point near the greatest convexity of the concave. In this position relatively coarse material will pass through a zone having much larger voids which are essential to eliminate packing and choking.

The controlling zone has the smallest volume of any in the crushing chamber, all below being progressively larger. As soon as trie material is crushed in Ihe controlling zone, it is provided with an unobstructed fall into a zone of greater volume and, at each successive stroke, the same thing happens until the lowest or discharge zone is reached, which has the greatest volume of all. Thus all possibility of packing or choking as the mantle moves to a closed position is practically eliminated.

Larger Feed and Capacity

The mantle and curved concaves will nip larger lumps of rock than is possible in other types oi secondary crushers, and, as no power is wasted in packing, large capacities are maintained.

A feature of this machine is thai the feed opening remains practically constant for me complete life of She manganese wearing parts. Furthermore the angle of nip progressively decreases as material proceeds towards the lower end of the crushing bowl,

Economy of Operation and Maintenance

Due to the absence of choking and packing at the discharge point, excessive abrasion at the lower end of the crushing elements is eliminated and normal wear is more evenly distributed over larger areas than in the case of machines having a straight head and concave.

The power-per-tonne factor of the Ciros Secondary Gyratory Crusher is therefore low. and the wear on the mantle and concave, per tonnes of output, is comparaiively small,

The Main Frame – Top Shell

The cast steel lop shell has Ihe upper flange flared outwards to form a support for a conical feed hopper.

The spider arms are cast integrally with The top shell. The top of the spider arms are protected from wear by replaceable heavy section steel plates.

The spider hub is fitted with a tapered bushing, and sealed with a cap. The steel spider cap is designed to withstand the shocks from material being fed into the crusher.

All machines other than the 2-4 have two spider arms to allow long slabby material to readily enter the crushing chamber.

The Main Frame – Bottom Shell

The heavy section cast steel bottom shell is designed with an all-round discharge opening, other than where the countershaft housing is located, This design provides for free discharge of the material as soon as it ts crushed.

A hub is cast integrally to receive the eccentric bearing.. The hub is supported by radial ribs which join it to the walls of the shell the bore being machined to receive a lead bronze bushing.

The upper inside of the bottom shell, the tops of the radial ribs, and the top ot the gear casing, are protected from wear by renewable steel plates.

A flared bottom shell is available as an optional extra, recommended when the discharged product is coarse and source rock tends to produce elongated pieces when crushed.

Dust Seal and Mainshaft

The mainshaft is high tensile heat-treated alloy steel.

The mainshaft is fitted with a cast steel core for mantle wtiich is taper bored and shrunk onto the shaft. The outside of the core is machined to receive the manganese steel mantle. (A one-piece shaft, as illustrated, is fitted to the 3-0 machines as standard.)

The spider bush journal on tne mainshaft of hydraulic adjustment models is fitted with a replaceable sleeve,

Dust Seal System

The dust seal is an extremely simpte yet positive dust-excluding closure between the crushing head and the housing ot the eccentric bearing in the bottom shell. I! provides effective protection of the lubricating oil from contamination through entrance of outside foreign matter. The dust seal is designed to accommodate the vertical adjustment, also the gyrating and rotating motion of the head. All wearing parts are replaceable.

Air Pressurisation

This is available as an optional extra for all models. This additional dust protection is recommended when arduous conditions are encountered.

Eccentric and Gearing

The eccentric is of cast steel. The outside ol the bearing revolves in the lead bronze bushed bore of the bottom shell. The inside of the bearing is machined at an angle to coincide with the inclination of the mainshaft and is provided with a lead bronze bushing. Oil grooves are provided where required fo distribute the lubricant.

The bevel gear is fitted and keyed to the eccentric.

A phosphor bronze wearing ring suitably grooved, is provided for supporting the eccentric on the bottom plate. It is submerged in oil at all limes.

The bevel gear and pinion are of high carbon steel with involute teeth.

Countershaft Assembly

The countershaft housing assembly is self-contained and fitted with roller bearings. The end cap of the housing is provided with an oil seal.

Hydraulic Adjustment

The crusher incorporates hydraulic support and adjustment to the mainshaft. Adjustment control is electrically actuated to raise/lower the main shaft and a mantle position indicator (optional extra) may be situated remote from the crusher.

The mantle may be lowered to permit rapid clearing of the crushing chamber should a power failure eventuate.

The system is designed such ttiat should an uncrushabie object enter the crushing chamber the hydraulic oil pressure increases beyond a pre-determined level causing the mainshaft to lower.

Hydraulic adjustment can be supplied as an optional extra for the 2-4 Model

Closed side setting indicator system

This system is available as an optional extra on all Ciros hydraulically supported Gyracone and Gyratory crushers and ma/ also be fitted to other hydraulically suoported cone crushers. It measures the height of the mainshaft and indicates either this height or the closed side setting on a digital display control unit which may be remotely situated away from the crusher.

Using this system, the operator from his remote position, may:

  • set the crusher to a desired closed side setting;
  • return to a known setting after a disturbance of operating conditions,
  • set the closed side setting to the correct position after a manganese change;
  • recognise when the manganese is approaching the end of its life and therefore plan the manganese change.

The mainshaft is measured via an electronic position transducer fitted to the crusher hydraulic cylinder, This produces a signal which is then processed to give the distance displayed. The control unit includes an alarm function which is used to limit the mainshaft travel. This alarm is set as a high level alarm and wired such that the mainshaft cannot be raised above the set point.

A 4-20mA output on C.S.S. is also included.


Trouble free operation

The lubrication system is electrically interlocked so that the crusher will not start unless the motorised gear pump is operating. The pump circulates oil from the tank to the crusher bearings and gearing. The system incorporates control thermostats.

If the oil temperature reaches a pre-determined level, the fan on the air cooled heat exchanger automatically cuts in, maintaining the lubrication system at a manageable temperature. The system comes complete with reservoir filters and oil heating. The lubrication system also includes the hydraulic power pack.

To provide trouble-free operation, the following safety features are included:

  • High oil temperature – thermostat activated.
  • Blocked oil filter – if the pressure differential goes beyond a pre-set value, a micro-switch fitted lo the filter body, will be activated, indicating thai the filter should be cleaned.
  • Low oil flow – if lubrication oil is not flowing through the return line, a flow switch fitted into the return line stops the crusher

The crusher is supplied with all the necessary flexible hoses for connecting the crusher’s lubrication and hydraulic systems. The length of run is as per the standard installation drawing.

Spider lubrication and high pressure warning

An automated, motorised grease pump and fittings can be supplied as an option. The pump is fitted to a lid designed to suit a 2O0kg grease drum. The grease pump is fitted with a relief valve which bypasses grease during high pressure build up due to a blocked line. This activates a micro-switch which in turn alerts the operator. A grease low level indicator is also incorporated. A timer is provided to control operation of the pump.

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