Malaysia washing screen

Malaysia Quarrying Washing Equipment

Malaysia Quarrying Washing Equipment

A malaysia washing screen, Automated Dewatering & Classifying Tank, and Sand Classifier produce washed specification aggregate in a large stationary operation.

Ciros Washing Equipment cleans and accurately classifies material to meet the most rigorous state and industry quality standards.

Log washers

The industry’s largest available log washer; up to 48″ diameter. All-welded tank construction to eliminate leaks. Adjustable tub incline (6° to 10°) to contra! retention time for optimum scrubbing aciion.

Log Washers for Tough Deposits

Ciros T8000 Log Washers are renowned for their ability to remove tough, plastic soluble clays from natural and crushed gravel, crushed stone and ore feeds. Log Washers remove coatings and break up agglomerations through a mild form of differential grinding. Ciros Log Washers are engineered for reduced wear costs, optimum scrubbing and abrading action, continuous material flow and cost-efficient power usage. Departing from conventional design, Ciros Log Washer paddles are arranged in a spiral pattern along the shaft, rather than a straight line. This results in a portion of the material being continuously worked on by the offset paddles and keeps the material in constant motion.


Capacities of these Super-Scrubbers vary, depending upon their diameter and the length of retention time required to clean the stone. The greater the tonnage processed, the less the retention time.

Wash Away Contamination Problems

Now you get even more usable material from the dirtiest gravel pits. A rigorous tumbling action easily dissolves soluble clays and breaks up unwanted soft stone to be washed away. For longer life and reduced noise levels, Super-Scrubbers’ can be lined with abrasion-resistant rubber. Select from two types of Super-Scrubbers: Pneumatic Tire Drive: Your most cost-effective choice for larger capacity applications. The large 120″ diameter drum is available in two lengths 17’6″ or 24’6″ Gear Drive: Mounted on steel trunnions and rotated by ring gear and pinion.

All Super-Scrubbers are available in either of two different styles:

  • Con-Flow Model: Washes the material and discharges of it out the discharge end.
  • Counter-Flow Model:Rejects fines up to a specific maximum size through its perforated feed end plate. Normally used in stone scrubbing operations.


  • con-flow spray pipe
  • choice of drives with guards
  • steel or rubber-lined trommel

Shown here is Ciros’s Counter-Flow Super-Scrubber. With this model, water and fines are removed at the feed end. With the Con-Flow model, water, rock, and fines are carried out the discharge end.

120″ diameter Super-Scrubbers are supported on, and driven by, pneumatic tires. Replacements can be made without drum removal.


Ciros T6000 Coarse Material Washers clean and dewater aggregates, breaking up small amounts of soluble mud and clay. All coarse material is thoroughly washed while unwanted organics, fines and foreign materials are removed. Processes up to 500 TPH depending upon material gradation, material washer size and model, and single or twin screw flights.

Fine material washers

lelsmith 15000 Fine Material Washers dewater and fine tune the end product to meet tomorrow’s demanding specifications. Available in single or twin configurations, they are used after a sand classifying/blending tank system, or after a wet screening operation for such applications as concrete, mortar and plaster sands. Processes up to 800 TPH, depending upon material gradation, material washer size and model, and single or twin screw flights.

Ciros T7000 Sand Classifying/ Blending Tank Systems

Ciros classifying and blending systems produce quality sand products that meet today’s demanding specifications. Greater control means greater profit potential. Your product goes to the stockpile – not the settling pond. Settling and classification performs these functions:

  • Removes clay, silt, slime, excess fines and excess water
  • Classifies desirable sand particles
  • Reblends material into correct gradation specifications
  • Processes three different products simultaneously

Screen and Rinse in One Efficient Operation

Need the versatility of sizing and washing material in one efficient process? Simply add a deheading box and spray bars to any Ciros Vibrating Screen.

The deheading box pre-wets incoming material. Spray bars rinse the material as it is carried over the screening media. A collecting hopper under the screen captures the sand and water for further processing.

Save Fine Sands Lost from Overflows

In some operations, Dewatering and Classifying Tanks and Sand Classifiers have an overflow of fine sand that is lost in wet sand processing. Ciros Cyclone Classifiers recover those sands while rejecting silt and clay.

Cyclone Classifiers have no moving parts. Water pressure creates a centrifugal force strong enough to separate the sand from the silt and water.

Sand Recovery Ranges

Cyclone Classifiers recover fine sand in the 30-200 mesh size range. This premium sand, formerly lost to water settling basins causing frequent removal, becomes an asset rather than an expense.

Fast Particle and Fluid Distribution

A three-way flow speeds particle separation. Powerful entry flow sets up secondary flows in the feed and cone sections to move waste upward through the vortex and out the top overflow. The boundary wall flow, through centrifugal force, releases recovery sand through the discharge valve at the bottom.

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