Jetflo vibrating screen design

This kind of Vibrating Screen explores advanced technology and contains high working performance. This series spherical vibration screen will be of circular movements. It can provide for classification inside the coal selecting, ore picking, building materials, power and chemical career fields. Despite energy efficiency learning to be a growing concern inside South Africa between industry and huge business, in distinct, manufacturers.

Jetflo vibrating screen

Jetflo vibrating screen

  • Proven long standing design.
  • Single, double and triple deck designs available.
  • Size ranges from 1800mm long x 900 mm wide to 3000mm long x 1500mm wide.

The Jetflo Screen has been designed for the light to medium screening applications. It is recommended that the feed to the screen does not contain lumps larger than 100mm and the apertures of the screening medium do not exceed 40mm.
The Jetflo screen can be operated at speeds as high as ISOOrpm to ensure maximum efficiency, the screen speed and throw being selected by Ciros engineers to suit each particular application
Each machine is backed by the Ciros  total after-market service and spare parts.


  • Size:1850 x 900 mm – 3050 x 1500 mm
  • Machine Weight: 600-1400 kg
  • Operating Angle:20 degrees down (variable)
  • Decks:Single, double and triple
  • Power Requirement: 4 – 5.5 kW


  • Screen Throw: The amplitude of the screen can be varied by increasing or decreasing the amount of weight on the counterweight arms which are of a low inertia in order to reduce starting torque to a minimum and at the same time permit rapid acceleration and deceleration through the critical speed ranges.
  • Screen Drive: A motor vee pulley and one C section vee rope are all that needed to complete the drive. The driving pulley may be fitted to either side of the screen in the field without disturbing the shaft. The bore is machined off centre by a predetermined amount to give a true running pulley when the screen is operating at the required amplitude of vibration.
  • Shaft: Amply proportioned, precision machined and ground on the journals from high carbon, heat treated steel.
  • Housing Tubes: Maintains proper spacing between the bearings and excludes dust. It also stiffens the screen body and serves as a guard over the shaft.
  • Guards: Easily removable, fully enclosed guards over counterweights.
  • Screen Body: Reinforced screen body strength without excessive weight.
  • Rubber Buffer Strips: Self clamping wear resisting rubber buffer strips prevent metal to metal contact. This cushioning effect markedly increases screen cloth life.
  • Stiffeners: Vertical stiffening angles add rigidity to the side plates.
  • Springs: This screen is supported on four springs, the size being predetermined to suit the particular duty. They are retained within a bolt on type support base.
  • Screen Cloth Tensioning: Mesh tensioning device, simple in design, positive in action, ensures permanent and uniform tautness over complete area of the screen. The clamp plate bolts are provided with compression springs for maintaining a uniform tension on the screen cloth, increases cloth life by preventing whipping. Screen cloths can be wire punched steel plate or polyurethane.
  • Uniform Camber-Extends Screen Life:
    – Single Transverse crown deck for 3′ and 4′ wide screens.
    – Double Transverse crown deck with hold-down strip for 5′ wide screens.
    – Rubber and Polyurethane screening surfaces may require special decks and tensioning device and are available as required.
  • Bearing Lubrication: The Heavy Duty Double Row Self-Aligning high capacity roller bearings are positively lubricated by grease supply channels.
  • Totally Enclosed Screens: Totally enclosed screens with special feed and discharge spouts are available if required.
  • Spray Bars: Washing and rinsing of materials can be carried out on the screen decks by applying high pressure water from spray bars positioned over the screen mesh. To accommodate spray bars over the middle and bottom deck it is necessary to increase the depth of the side plates.

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