MAKE – Wind-up Drawing Machine

How-To: Make a Chocolate Bowl Using a Balloon. Producing complexity with a few simple objects has always fascinated me. You can configure it to draw a certain way, then wind it up and let it do its thing.

How to Make a Block Print Fabric Purse – Home & Garden Television – Decorating

Pencil permanent marker linoleum blocks carving tools brayer ink: orange and camel ink tray floral print fabric 2 coordinating solid color fabrics (for the outside and lining) fusible interfacing fusible batting fusible bonding web magnetic snap needle and thread 1 wide grosgrain ribbon sewing machine iron ironing boar…

Ron Hazelton – How to Make a Laundry Room That's Efficient • Ron Hazelton Online

This is sort of an x-ray vision drawing here we're kind of standing outside the room looking through the walls just to give you some orientation. Isn't that simple. Yeah it's very simple. MUSIC (SOT: HAMMER SOT: DRILL) Steve: Simple.

Bedroom More Photos by Room. More Products by Room. Classic Whites Collection In Berry. Navy Classic Whites. Surf Herringbone Bed Blanket.

More Photos by Room. More Products by Room. Classic Whites Collection In Berry. Navy Classic Whites. Surf Herringbone Bed Blanket.

GardenWeb – converting machine quilting pattern to hand quilting – Quilting Forum – GardenWeb

When you're making your template, you use an extra fine Sharpie to make dots at the seam intersections, and later punch them out with a 1/16 inch hole punch.

Family Handyman – How to Repair a Leaking Washing Machine – The Family Handyman

Some repairs, like replacing leaky hoses, are simple but a few, like replacing a pump or drum seals, are a bit more are complex. There are two types of washing machines: belt drive and direct drive. Repairs are similar for both machines, but generally easier on the direct-drive unit.

Animator – DIY

Make a flip book by drawing a series of pictures on a small notebook or a stack of index cards. Draw the action little by little, then flip through and make it come alive. They breathe life into drawings, clay puppets, and computer models – creating worlds never before seen.

K-60 Sectional Machine – K-60 overheating

Make sure the bearings in the front are moving freely. I had hoped for a simple quick fix but I really knew better. If you have an amp meter, then you can see if the motor is drawing too many amps. Make sure they have the parts/ motor to repair your k-60.

Design Sponge – beijing guide – Design*Sponge

They also sell awesome retro Chinese designed notebooks, coasters and other items which would make great gifts. Noisy karaoke bars may open in the evening but there are plenty of laid-back options to make your Houhai experience a pleasant one.

Evil Mad Scientist Laboratories – Making the world a better place, one Evil Mad Scientist at a time – An AVR-based …

Over at Make, Bre Pettis made a great drawbot based upon the MAKE Controller, and the project documentation includes a review of some other techniques for making drawing robots.

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