Plastic viscosity is the flow characteristics of the concrete while moving and for low stiffness concretes can be determined by various rheometers currently available. A PowerPoint presentation. Air Void Analyzer AVA device can characterize the air void structure (volume, size and spacing) of fresh concrete.

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We spent about three weeks on the project when I thought it would only take two. I told them to think about a Bill Nye video how he jumps from talking to video back and forth to make it interesting. The original plan was for them to make a storyboard in PowerPoint as an outline of their presentation.

ACI Custom Seminars

ACI has a long history of delivering quality educational programs in the concrete field and has been educating the industry through its public seminar programs since 1969. To date, over 50,000 concrete professionals have attended public seminars conducted by ACI.

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Feel free to share your own tips in the comments. At any given moment, what should be on the screen is the thing you're talking about. There are two schools of thought about images in presentations.

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No PowerPoint presentations. Green Designation next to your online company listing, indicating that you offer green products. Greensite icon next to your company listing in the Program & Exhibits Guide.

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The usual Microsoft Office suite, available as a permanent download, temporarily-streamed software, or web apps. It's the best parts of Office's concrete productivity with the flexibility of Google Docs. Power point Nov 23, 2010. Anyone who needs to get work done, be it homework or business work.

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The Concrete Producer 2012.

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This is acompletely free site and requires no registration. Other docs by sp9lBQ. CRC C OPAC LKA 1_english. – Image 2999593 – Brick and Concrete from Crestock Stock Photos

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